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Review8.8(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Gives the M12 Line its First Charging Bluetooth Radio Milwaukee has one of the deepest 12V battery platforms in the industry, and it just got even deeper with its first 12V radio that features battery charging. The Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger takes a versatile approach to job site sound […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger

Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger Review

One of the most exciting products to hit the Milwaukee Packout System has to be the Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and charger. This radio does a great job combining features, sound quality, and ample output to fill an entire job site with music. Fresh off the heels of the Milwaukee M18/M12 wireless jobsite speaker, the […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
Hilti Charging Radio RC 4/36 120V

Hilti Charging Radio RC 4/36 120V Review

Back at World of Concrete, we got our first look at the new Hilti Charging Radio. It boasts a pretty impressive set of features, but where does it fit? Every manufacturer has their own radio. Some go for sound quality, others for durability. Some go for the home run. No matter what the intent is, […]

Pro Tool Reviews: A Pirate's Life for Me

Pro Tool Reviews: A Pirate’s Life for Me

As some of you may already know, I recently suffered a retinal detachment that has taken me out for a bit. While that puts all of my current review projects on hold, I’m undaunted in my attempts to at least make fun of myself along the way. In honor of my current look sporting an […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
DeWalt ToughSystem Music + Charger Featured Image

DeWalt ToughSystem Music + Charger Bluetooth Radio Review

We get really excited about cordless jobsite radios here at Pro Tool Reviews. Part of that comes from the fact that music and talk are an absolute must-have whether we’re out testing the tools or sitting in front of the computer writing reviews and editing photos. It also has to do with the fact that […]