March 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

cordless band saw

Milwaukee M12 FUEL Compact Band Saw

Milwaukee M12 FUEL Compact Band Saw 2529-20

The Fastest Band Saw In Its Class Also Fits Into the Tightest Spots The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Band Saw (2529-20) improves on the previous band saw design in several ways. Milwaukee claims that their streamlined design is the lightest compact band saw on the market, able to slip into the tightest spaces with its […]

Ridgid cordless band saw

Ridgid 18V Compact Cordless Band Saw Review R8604B

Ridgid 18V Compact Cordless Band Saw Delivers Smooth Operation in a Lightweight Form The Ridgid 18V Compact Cordless Band Saw (R8604B) answers the call from electricians and MRO crews for a compact portable model. From the reactions we’ve seen, they’re pretty excited. We’ve been cutting EMT, steel stock, and even rebar to see just how […]

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Deep Cut Band Saw CB3612DA

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Deep Cut Band Saw CB3612DA

Metabo HPT Adds Deep Cut Band Saw to MultiVolt Lineup The Metabo HPT MultiVolt platform continues to expand its offerings for non-committal folks who can’t decide between corded and cordless power. The Metabo HPT 36V Deep Cut Band Saw offers smooth, accurate cuts up to 4-3/4″ deep in conduit, steel pipe, wood, and plastic. With […]

DeWalt Atomic Band Saw

DeWalt DCS377 Atomic 20V Compact Bandsaw

Compact Bandsaw Brings Fast, One-Handed Cutting to the Atomic Line DeWalt unveiled the newest addition to the Atomic Compact Tool lineup at this past year’s NECA Virtual Convention. The DeWalt Atomic 1-3/4 in. Bandsaw packs cutting speed and power into the compact frame that is the hallmark of Atomic 20V tools. Harness the Power of […]

Makita Compact Band Saws

Makita 18V Compact Band Saws

Makita Compact Line Focuses On Lightweight, Fast Operation Band saws are an integral part of a lot of jobs, and particularly in pipework. Since a lot of those pipes exist in overhead spaces, the Makita 18V Compact and Sub-Compact line of band saws make a lot of sense. Not only are they more convenient with […]

Makita 18V compact band saw demo

Makita 18V Compact Band Saw Review – Model XBP03

The Makita 18V Compact Band Saw is an indispensable tool for cutting a variety of all-thread and metal conduit, pipe, and channel, up to 2-1/2 inches in diameter. It makes overhead work easy and works more safely and smoothly than a recip saw in many instances. Here are more details about how I used the […]

Makita Portable Band Saw

Makita Cordless Band Saw XBP03

Newest Makita Cordless Band Saw Targets Overhead Ease with Lighter Model Pros that spend their time in the electrical, HVAC, installation, metal fabrication, and plumbing fields sometimes need to cut something overhead and it doesn’t always have a 4″ diameter. Makita has found a way to make those tasks a little less fatiguing. The newest Makita […]