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Cordless hedge trimmer

Review9.4(out of 10)
Green Machine Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

Green Machine 25-Inch Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

Easily Keep Your Hedges In Shape With The Green Machine 25-Inch Hedge Trimmer We’ve run the gamut with the latest Green Machine tools since its launch and it’s time to move past mowing and string trimming to focus on the hedges. The Green Machine 25-inch cordless hedge trimmer has some familiar features and we put […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer Review

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 8-Inch Compact Hedge Trimmer 2533-21

Milwaukee Releases M12 Fuel Compact Hedge Trimmer for Detail Applications When it comes to shaping smaller hedges or intricate topiaries, most hedge trimmers are simply too large for such detailed work. In response, several brands have introduced smaller versions. Most of them are from DIY and prosumer brands, but the Milwaukee M12 Fuel 8-inch Compact […]

Skil 20V Hedge Trimmer Action

Skil 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT4222B-10 | PWRCore 20

Save Your Back And Arms With The Skil 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Hedge trimmers are one of the great success stories in battery-powered lawn care equipment, but the extra weight of a battery can be a literal pain. The Skil 20V cordless hedge trimmer looks to give your back a break by using a PWRCore […]

Ryobi 18V HP Brushless 22-inch Hedge Trimmer P2680VNM

Ryobi 18V HP Hedge Trimmer Lighter and More Powerful Than Ever Before The Ryobi 18V HP Hedge Trimmer (P2680VNM) is an ideal choice for anyone trying to keep the hedges around the house in good shape without arm fatigue. It provides the type of power you’d expect from something bigger than an 18V motor, but […]