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Demolition hammer

Makita HM1502 Demolition Hammer

Makita Designs the HM1502 for Heavy Demolition Projects The Makita HM1502 43 lb. demolition hammer lacks AVT vibration control, but hits with all the power of the larger HM1512. Makita designed this demolition hammer to blast through lower wall zones and floor foundations up to 8-inches thick. Makita also engineered it specifically to tackle trench […]

Makita Mid-Size Demo Hammers

Makita Corded Mid-Size Demolition Hammers

Makita Adds New Demo Hammers to Lineup Joining the Makita lineup comes the HM1213C 23 lb. and HM0871C 12 lb. demolition hammers. Both of the Makita Mid-Size Demolition Hammers sport Anti-Vibration Technology, which provides a counterbalance to take the sting out of these inherently violent tools. They also possess several motor protection features to keep […]

Makita HM0871C demolition hammer

Makita HM0871C Demolition Hammer

Compact Makita Demolition Hammer Packs a Punch The compact 12 lb. Makita HM0871C demolition hammer excels in overhead applications. But, don’t let its size fool you. Based on the numbers this hammer should deliver plenty of power while reducing vibration for the user. How Does this Makita Demolition Hammer Perform? The 10-amp motor on the […]