October 18, 2021

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Second generation Milwaukee Shockwave bits

Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave Bits and Accessories

Milwaukee announced 300 new accessory products in three different categories (concrete, metal, and wood). First up was the second generation of Milwaukee Shockwave bits which use a custom alloy 76 steel that can resist high shock. The heat treatment used is 4x longer than the original Shockwave bits. For a great overview of what to expect with […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
hammerhead impact bits case

Hammerhead Bits – Impact and Screw Driving Kits Review

Understanding how impact rated bits work is the key to knowing whether you should buy them or not. Then, understanding what makes a good bit kit is the next step in making an informed purchase. The Hammerhead brand has been out for a few years, but the company is seeing some new life recently with […]

Hammerhead Impact Bit Kits

Hammerhead Impact Bit Kits Have Arrived

Hammerhead came back on the market by updating the the Compact Impact Driver/Auto Hammer and offering a new Compact Laser Measuring Tool. To complement the Compact Impact Driver, we now also have Hammerhead Impact Bit Kits. These three kits offer impact rated bits for most situations that you’ll run into as a homeowner or DIY […]

Impact Rated Bit

Impact Rated Bits: Dispelling the Myths

Do I Need Impact Rated Bits? I have come across this question dozens of times. I’ve read article after article and review after review touting that impact rated bits are a scam, not worth the money, no better than standard bits, and more. Customer reviews slam these accessories as an unnecessary expense developed by manufacturers […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Klein multi-bit drivers

Klein Multi Bit Power Drivers Review

Klein entered a couple new products into the multi-bit power driver category recently, the 5-in-1 Multi-Bit Power Driver and the 6-in-1 Multi-Bit Power Driver. These new accessories are designed to make the job of electricians easier by reducing the number of bits and tools they need to bring to the job site. What Klein did […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Makita Impact Gold Bits magnet

Makita Impact GOLD Bits Review

The Makita Impact GOLD bits include bit holders, nut setters, socket adapters, and more. We even checked out their handy case. Unlike many competing products, it gives you easy access to the bits without having to literally rip them out of the housing. The 21-piece kit includes a magnetic two-piece holder. Makita Impact GOLD Ultra Design […]

Are Impact-Rated Bits Worth the Money?

When I was working on the premier issue of Pro Tool Reviews magazine back in March, my team drove over 7500 screws in order to test the best impact drivers. That’s a lot of screws. During the course of that article, we found that one manufacturer’s impact-rated bits didn’t seem to last much longer than […]

DeWalt Owners Group Faces Off Impact Ready vs. Milwaukee ShockWave

Impact Ready vs Milwaukee ShockWave Bits Face-off

We got an email today from the DeWalt Owners Group who had an Admin do some hands-on testing of the new Milwaukee ShockWave bits vs. DeWalt’s own Impact Ready bits. The test involved simply taking 5 #2 bit packs from each company and driving 3-inch GripRite exterior screws into two pieces of 9-1/2″ x 1-7/8″ […]

Craftsman Impact Driver Bits Preview

Craftsman Impact Driver Bits Preview

Craftsman introduced two new products to help DIYers and woodworkers use the bit on their impact driver longer. Let’s face it – impact drivers are great, but bit shear and other problems abound with the added torque. Craftsman’s Impact Driver Bits absorb the impact when driving fasteners to last longer over time. Impact drivers use […]

DeWalt Impact Clutch Bit Holder DWHJHLD Announced

DeWalt Impact Clutch Bit Holder DWHJHLD Announced

The DeWalt Impact Clutch bit holder (the confusingly-named DWHJHLD) should lead the way to increased fastener and bit life. Rather then engineer the impact driver bits to handle the increased torque, DeWalt has taken the route to implement a system that actually clutches the bit, avoiding bit tip and fastener breakage as well as stripping. DeWalt Impact […]