Craftsman Impact Driver Bits Preview

Craftsman Impact Driver Bits Preview

Craftsman introduced two new products to help DIYers and woodworkers use the bit on their impact driver longer. Let’s face it – impact drivers are great, but bit shear and other problems abound with the added torque. Craftsman’s Impact Driver Bits absorb the impact when driving fasteners to last longer over time. Impact drivers use a rotational impact and downward force to drive fasteners more efficiently into work pieces, delivering high stress on standard screwdriver bits and significantly shortening their useful lives.

Craftsman Impact Driver Bits Features

The new Craftsman impact driver bits are specially designed to work with impact drivers to absorb impact from the drill, providing the bit with more durability than standard Craftsman bits when using an impact driver. The design includes a forged tip to withstand the impacts, a torsion zone below the tip to absorb the torque and steel bodies that have been specially heat-treated to strengthen the shank and avoid fracture. Customers can identify these special impact driver bits in their toolbox by a red plastic ring around the shank.

The Craftsman impact driver bits will be offered in an 11-piece starter set and a 29-piece set. Both sets come with rugged magnetic bit holders, consisting of a one-piece, all-steel design to withstand the use on impact drivers. The 29-piece set also includes three impact nut setters with a special hardened body and a magnetic nut holder featuring a unique attachment design which isolates the magnet from the body of the nut setter to avoid being knocked loose during use. The 11-piece starter set (#12646) retails for $9.99 and the 29-piece set (#12647) retails for $19.99.

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