April 23, 2021

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5 Ways How to Open Clamshell Packaging

5 Ways How to Open Clamshell Packaging

If You’re Like Us, You Need These Clamshell Packaging Lifehacks You probably haven’t lived much unless you’ve come up against the dreaded clamshell packaging. Its tough, rigid nature is nice for manufacturers since it makes the product easy to display, cuts down on shoplifting, and reduces returns. On the other end of the sale, it’s […]

6 Construction Trends to Look for this Year

Do You Need Every Job? When to Say No

Do you need to take every job that comes your way? You know the feeling. The phone rings, and it’s a new client with a new job. You’re happy about the call and eager to set up the appointment. Your company policy has always been to take on anything and everything—from small decks to remodels […]

Ridgid R8641 18V X4 Reciprocating Saw cutting helping hand

Getting DIY Help – The Helping Hand Equation

We all need a hand from time to time. Someone to hold a door when your hands are full, someone to help you move into a new place, someone to help you bury a body…you know, the regular stuff. But, with each of these tasks, there is an unspoken cost. The Helping Hand Equation Some […]

Rewiring Electrical of a Two-Story Home - First Floor Ceiling

7 Things Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

We were talking with a friend the other day. The topic of conversation quickly turned to a recent claim he had made on his homeowner’s insurance policy. The claim was rejected outright and the friend had been completely blind-sided by the denial. At that point, it occurred to me that there are indeed homeowners who […]

Worker Misclassification

Worker Misclassification in Construction as Independent Contractors

It’s a temptation that nearly every business owner faces: classifying an employee as an independent contractor. It’s easy enough to understand why. You aren’t responsible for paying their end of Social Security and Medicare. You don’t have to pay unemployment or worker’s comp claims. Overtime and minimum wage requirements can be skirted. Until recently, worker […]

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Tool Fool’s Stool: After the Break

When I was shopping for my first home, I did a walk-through of a house that looked, on paper, to be everything we wanted. Even approaching the door, I was full of hope. But the minute that door opened, those hopes were dashed. It started with the paint. You could see where they tried to […]

Liberty womens bib overalls

Women Who Love Tools | She’s a Keeper!

Like some of the guys I run with, I’m finding more women who love tools—but it’s a rare treat when you find one that will enjoy talking about them as well. It’s extremely offensive, therefore, when a manufacturer thinks that he’s figured out “what women want” and makes a tool that condescends to their view […]

Change Orders for Construction

Change Orders for Construction Can Be a Financial Lifesaver

You can probably count on one hand the number of projects you’ve completed without some kind of change along the way. Changes are a fact of life for contractors. However, how you document and deal with those changes can make a huge difference in your bottom line—and your sanity! So the question is: Are you […]

Klein dipped handles pliers

Klein Tools Manufacturing and Heat Treatment Plant Tour

I had the opportunity to tour the Klein Tools manufacturing headquarters in Mansfield, Texas. At the same time, I attended the grand opening of the Klein heat treatment plant. Klein focuses heavily on the electrical and utility industry when designing tools and remains committed to manufacturing in the United States. With those two manufacturing plants […]

Top 5 Things Our Fathers Yelled

Top 5 Things My Father Yelled Growing Up

When you’re just a kid, you want to help. You want to be useful. You want to hang out with your old man. But invariably, you’re going to mess up. You’re going to drop something, be where you’re not wanted, or just plain be in the way. Now that we’ve grown, we’re starting to hear some of the same things our fathers’ said come out of our mouths. While they are usually true, we can’t help but think we should try to learn something from the past. We decided to list some of the things we’ve said and had said to us. Maybe we can all remember what it was like to try to help and get yelled at for it.