October 18, 2021

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Pre-Set Fasteners the New Way to Drywall?

Pre-Set Fasteners the New Way to Drywall?

Drywall installation… you either hate it, or you’re really good at it. In either case, Pre-Set Screws and Nails is currently working on a new patent-pending installation process for hanging Vinyl Siding. Using Our Pneumatic/Gas delivery systems will reduce installation time and will fit all thicknesses of insulation, while still giving you the ability to adjust each panel for […]

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Installation Gun Review

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review

We love building decks. With Tiger Claw’s new Hidden Fastener Installation Gun, you can build an entire deck with no surface screws or nails. This makes for a much more beautiful and clean finished look to any decking project and really ramps up the “pro” factor of any job. It also takes away one of the primary access points for water infiltration and deck rot. Tiger Claw makes the claim that their Installation Gun not only makes for a nice, finished job, but it also reduces the installation time for any job involving their TC-G hidden deck fasteners. We set out to see how well that claim held up under real-world use.

Tapcon Concrete Anchors Review

Tapcon Concrete Screws Review

What makes Tapcons so popular is that you simply drill a hole using a hammer drill (if you don’t have one, see our best cordless hammer drill article to see which we think are the best) and then drive the Tapcon concrete screws in place. There are no inserts, so the anchors themselves are the very thing that bites […]

best nails for pressure treated lumber

Best Nails for Pressure Treated Lumber

Depending on the type of pressure treating the wood was subject to will, in part, determine the type of fasteners that can be used. Never use common or bright finished nails. Never use sheet rock type screws or steel screws without any plating or coatings on them. For most applications use either hot dipped galvanized nails and bolts or for screws it is suggested to use ones that have a protective coating that is designed for use with pressure treated lumber.