October 21, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Hilti DX 2 Powder Actuated Fastening Tool

Hilti DX 2 Powder-actuated Fastening Tool Preview

Hilti’s making power-actuated fastening even better with the latest edition Hilti DX 2. Hilti has been in the powder-actuated fastening end of the business since the 1950’s. They brought the DX 350 to market as the first semi-automatic model. Now they’ve brought semi-auto convenience to the Hilti DX 2 with 10 round magazine cartridge strips. […]

RemoveRite Duplex Screws

RemoveRite Duplex Screws – Reusable Screws for Construction

When we visited Las Vegas earlier this month for World of Concrete, one of the companies we came across was RemoveRite, makers of what they call the Duplex Screw. RemoveRite’s Duplex Screws are ingeniously designed to work in just about any temporary structure setting. Here in Florida, we have to deal with this little thing […]

Hilti Drop-In Anchors

Hilti Drop-In Anchor System (HDI+/HDI-L+)

New Hilti Drop-In Anchor System Reduces Installation Time By Up To 50% The new Drop-In Anchor System from Hilti offer drastically reduced installation times when working in concrete and masonry. Typically, the installation process goes something like this: 1) Drill a pilot hole into the material. 2) Switch out your rotary hammer for a 2 […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Smart-bit depth setter solo

Starborn Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter Review

There are times when you get to review a fastening device that really surprises you. At least that was the result of testing the Starborn Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter. It’s a simple accessory that quickly and easily pops into your corded or cordless driver or drill and allows you to configure the depth for […]

Outlaw Fasteners driver bit screw

Outlaw Fasteners – The World’s Best Screw?

Outlaw Fasteners’ new Deck Screw is impossible to talk about without innuendos flying left and right. And it’s not our fault, their Kickstarter video practically broke the Guinness Record for dropping more innuendos than we ever thought could possibly be jammed into a 4 minute video. Still, the new Outlaw Deck Screw impressed us enough […]

PTIA fasteners

2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Fasteners

It’s easy to overlook fasteners; but try to build a house without any, and you’ll quickly see how important they are. With that in mind, we wanted to properly award innovation in this category. It may not be as glamorous as a new cordless impact driver, but it just might be more significant in the […]

Lock'n Bolt Redesigns the Bolt

Lock’n Bolt Redesigns the Bolt

The bolt has been around a long time. You don’t expect the design to change… I mean, it’s a bolt, right? Well, the Lock’n Bolt folks in Japan don’t seem to agree and Kenji Hasegawa, who runs Japanese automotive parts supply company Lock’n Bolt Corporation, is responsible for this invention, billing it as a one-piece bolt that […]

Senco Acquires Danish-based Expandet Fasteners

Senco Acquires Danish-based Expandet Fasteners

Mergers and acquisitions are in the air it seems. Not too long ago we reported about Stanley Black & Decker buying Infastech. Now, Senco Brands has just acquired Expandet A/S, a family-run manufacturing company that specializes in fasteners. Expandet fasteners target both professional and do-it-yourself building applications throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The exact terms […]

CAMO Marksman Pro Hidden Deck Fastener System Review

CAMO Marksman Pro Hidden Deck Fastener System Review

We’re not easily impressed with hidden decking systems. While they offer a really excellent finished product, many of the systems require clips and extra work that causes the job to take longer, involve more training and generally increase your costs to deliver the finished product. With the CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System, however, our concept of what was possible with hidden deck fastening systems was redefined. The CAMO system, which uses a Marksman or Marksman Pro installation tool, eliminates the need for clips and routing or cutting the edges of the board, and simplifies the method of deck board installation. In a nutshell, they devised a method to fasten the boards by driving screws at an angle along the board’s edge – directly into the joist. In this way, the boards are secured and the entire process is simplified. In short – it’s fast, and it’s impressive.

Prest-on Insta-backs Drywall Fasteners Review

Prest-on Insta-backs Drywall Fasteners Review

We ran into Kirk Conville of Prest-on while walking around the International Builders Show. As soon as I saw their booth, where they were demoing (live) their Insta-back Drywall Fastener products, I was captured. Little did Kirk know that I had a project that perfectly matched his solution. You see, I had just installed a television mount overtop a fireplace – and I had done it incorrectly. As a result, I needed to make a drywall patch – and one that I had been dreading for some time. Looking at the Prest-on project, I was feeling a lot more confident, and downright excited to get started.