Hilti Drop-In Anchor System (HDI+/HDI-L+)

Hilti Drop-In Anchors

New Hilti Drop-In Anchor System Reduces Installation Time By Up To 50%

The new Drop-In Anchor System from Hilti offer drastically reduced installation times when working in concrete and masonry. Typically, the installation process goes something like this:

1) Drill a pilot hole into the material.

2) Switch out your rotary hammer for a 2 pound sledge.

3) Grab the anchor.

4) Hold the anchor in place and pound away.

5) Hope that you can get the anchor in deep and straight enough for the job.

The new Hilti Drop-In Anchor System, HDI+/HDI-L+, changes the game completely. You still need to drill that pilot hole. When it comes to the setting the anchor though, slip the automatic setting tool right over the bit you’re already using on your rotary hammer. Place the anchor on the tool and let the rotary hammer do all the work. The results are impressive and Hilti does a nice job of showing off the time savings in a head to head video below. Notice the stepped design of the plug reduces the amount of energy required to set the anchor.

While the time savings are significant and impressive, there’s more to consider. There aren’t a whole lot of people I know that will claim they look forward to swinging that 2 pound sledge all day. It takes a toll on your arm. If you’re doing ceiling installations, it takes a toll on your neck and back as well. While the Hilti Drop-In Anchor System can’t move the ceiling to a more convenient angle for you, they will take a lot of the work load off of your arm. Faster installation and happier arms result in more productivity. Of course, time is money, and the quicker we are off of one jobsite, we can get to the next.

Designed for applications like sprinkler installation, HVAC, plumbing, and suspended indoor finishing elements, the HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchor Setting Tool comes in 3/8″ ($70.25), 1/2″ ($70.25), or 5/8″ ($85.50) sizes. For more information or to order, visit Hilti’s website by clicking here.

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