June 18, 2021

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concrete adhesive

DynaGrip construction adhesives

New DAP DynaGrip Construction Adhesives Preview

DAP recently announced its new DAP DynaGrip construction adhesives including latex, solvent, and hybrid formulas designed to deliver bonds in a matter of hours in all weather conditions. DynaGrip adhesives are compliant with stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations and appropriate for installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling, and new construction. Our Take on DAP […]

Hilti Tools - World of Concrete 2016

New Hilti Tools Shown Off at World of Concrete

New Hilti Tools Display A Continued Focus on Innovation and Service in Their 75th Year Hilti is known world wide for the performance and quality of their tools. It’s no surprise when you consider the three pillars that drive their product development: direct customer interaction, innovation, and quality. We’re seeing that focus in several areas with […]

Tytan High Yield Adhesives application

Tytan High Yield Adhesive Solutions

Tytan High Yield Adhesive Replaces Up To A Case of the Competition With Just One Can Selena USA introduces Tytan High Yield Adhesive solutions that include subfloor, drywall, and landscaping adhesives. These adhesives work for multiple home-building applications and other construction trades where adhesives are needed. Selena USA is a part of Selena Group Manufacturers […]

Hilti Drop-In Anchors

Hilti Drop-In Anchor System (HDI+/HDI-L+)

New Hilti Drop-In Anchor System Reduces Installation Time By Up To 50% The new Drop-In Anchor System from Hilti offer drastically reduced installation times when working in concrete and masonry. Typically, the installation process goes something like this: 1) Drill a pilot hole into the material. 2) Switch out your rotary hammer for a 2 […]

ITW Red Head Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy

Red Head Adhesive Anchoring Systems has come out with their latest solution for cracked concrete and seismic applications – the Red Head Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive. Engineered for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar to concrete, it has a fast cure time, high strength, and is the only fast cure ICC-ES listed adhesive for […]

Duo-Fast Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy Preview

Duo-Fast Floor Fastening Systems is introducing Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy. This new product is a quick-set epoxy that is ideal for tack strip installation on many materials including concrete or wood. With a specially designed nozzle, the two part epoxy is mixed automatically as it comes out of the caulk gun so it is ready to use.