Duo-Fast Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy Preview

Duo-Fast Floor Fastening Systems is introducing Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy. This new product is a quick-set epoxy that is ideal for tack strip installation on many materials including concrete or wood. With a specially designed nozzle, the two part epoxy is mixed automatically as it comes out of the caulk gun so it is ready to use.

Duo-Fast Floor Fastening Systems is introducing its new Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy. This new product is a quick-set epoxy that is ideal for tack strip installation on many materials including concrete or wood. With a specially designed nozzle, the two part epoxy is mixed automatically as it comes out of the caulk gun so it is immediately ready to use.

Duo-Fast Jet-Tac Tack Strip Epoxy Features

Jet-Tac is the first two-part epoxy that comes in a uniquely designed 10 oz. (250 ml) cartridge with nozzle that can be used in a standard size caulk gun. Duo-Fast recommends using a caulk gun that features a four-fingered trigger so that you will minimize the effort you need to use to squirt the epoxy out the nozzle. The specially designed nozzle allows the two-part epoxy to be fully mixed by the time it reaches the end of the nozzle. There is no mixing by hand and no special tools are needed.

“We’ve done our homework and listened to what carpet installers are looking for in fastening tack strip to concrete,Jet-Tac has a number of features never before seen in this industry that are sure to save carpet installers time and money.”

– Rita Brockrath, marketing manager for Duo-Fast Floor Fastening System

Unlike the hot-melt glues that many installers have to rely on, the new Duo-Fast Jet-Tac tack strip epoxy sets up in only 5 to 7 minutes. This allows plenty of time for the installer to apply the adhesive and position the tack strips in place. With a quick set time, installers can take advantage of its superior holding power with a full cure time of two hours. Carpet installers will appreciate this because it allows power stretching on the tack strip after just two hours. No more having to come back much later in the day (or the next day) to complete the installation. Jet-Tac is very stable and it can withstand temperature ranges from -40 F to 160 F without changing composition. Once it is fully set and cured, water will not affect the adhesion strength of Jet-Tac.

There are other time and cost saving advantages with the Duo-Fast Jet-Tac tack strip epoxy, too. Installers can apply Jet-Tac in dabs rather than a continuous bead, meaning they need to use less than competitive adhesives to obtain the same or even better results. In addition to using less Jet-Tac adhesive per installation, the cartridge can be opened and resealed without the epoxy setting up inside the cartridge. Users can leave the nozzle on the cartridge and replace it when ready to use again, or reseal the cartridge with the included nut and cap. Jet-Tac Nozzle Kits, with three replaceable nozzles per pack, will also be available (part no. 650650).

While Duo-Fast Jet-Tac tack strip epoxy is ideal for tack strip installation on concrete, we suspect that some other trade folks will find it useful for other applications for example, installing cove moulding, transitions, ceramic tile, and metal bonding to concrete or wood.


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