ITW Red Head Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy

Red Head Adhesive Anchoring Systems has come out with their latest solution for cracked concrete and seismic applications – the Red Head Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive. Engineered for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar to concrete, it has a fast cure time, high strength, and is the only fast cure ICC-ES listed adhesive for use in submerged and water filled holes in addition to saturated and dry conditions.

The hybrid designation comes from the Red Head Epcon S7’s high strength characteristics of an epoxy combined with the fast curing characteristics of an acrylic. Its strength is greater than that of concrete and cure time is anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on temperature. In addition to its ability to handle any environmental conditions, the Hybrid Epoxy is also rated for all seismic zones.

The tube fits in a standard caulking gun and has a 12 month shelf life. A high flow nozzle helps users to easily and quickly apply the adhesive. The Red Head Epcon S7 epoxy also carries the following code approvals:

  • ICC-ES ESR Report No. 2308, approved for Cracked, Uncracked, and all Seismic Zones (A-F)
  • Florida Building Code
  • IBC 2006/2009
  • IRC 2006/2009
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 61


Interestingly enough, a quick internet search only found a couple of retailers  and prices widely varied. Some were selling it for the “suggested retail price” of $49.99, but Home Depot had it for less than $30, so that’s likely your best bet for now. For more information, visit Red Head’s website.

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