New Hilti Tools Shown Off at World of Concrete

Hilti Tools - World of Concrete 2016

New Hilti Tools Display A Continued Focus on Innovation and Service in Their 75th Year

Hilti is known world wide for the performance and quality of their tools. It’s no surprise when you consider the three pillars that drive their product development: direct customer interaction, innovation, and quality.

We’re seeing that focus in several areas with the new Hilti tools and accessories that were unveiled at the 2016 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Despite the freezing temperatures, we pushed through the early morning chill to see some of the 45 new Hilti tools and accessories to look forward to in 2016. This is the culmination of Hilti’s 75 years in the tool industry, and don’t expect them to slow down any time soon!

Hilti DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X gas saws

Hilti SF 10W-A18 4-Speed Cordless Drill Update

Hilti’s beast of a cordless drill that came out on top in our 18V Heavy Duty Drill Shootout is getting an upgrade. An active torque control is being added to deal with safety concerns in bind up situations.

When the drill senses bind up indicated by a quick rotational jerk, it immediately stops the motor to prevent injury. In the real world, the drill is stopped in about a 1/4 turn.

Hilti Tools 2016 - SF 10W A-18 ATG

When we intentionally gave the drill a hard twist, the torque control worked flawlessly. At the same time, when we slowly rotated it, the drill continued to run uninterrupted. This is a welcome addition that we expect to see making its way to more cordless drills as the power continues to grow. Here’s a video of the ATC system in action:

Hilti DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X Handheld Gas Saws

Hilti Tools 2016 - DSH700 Power Cutter

Hilti’s concrete cutting lineup is welcoming a pair of new members in the DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X models. Several features focus on creating a more efficient machine that has less downtime.

It starts with, well, starting the motor. Easy Start technology automatically sets the appropriate choke level so you get more first pull starts. Simply flip the switch to on and Hilti does the rest.

Hilti also developed their Cyclone Air Filtration System that helps keep debris away from the engine intake. Centrifugal force is employed to direct dirty air away from the intake while clean air from the center of the vortex is captured for use.

Addressing a common maintenance complaint, both models have easy access to the starter rope. Hilti made it simple to change out as well, meaning you should be back to work in a matter of just a couple minutes if the rope fails. Add easy air filter access and included replacement air filter, spark plug, starter rope, and fuel filter to make a common onsite maintenance move more quickly.

The Hilti DSH 700-X comes in 12″ and 14″ models while the DSH 900-X is offered in 14″ and 16″ varieties. Concrete, masonry, and asphalt are all on the diet of the new saws.

Hilti Diamond Blades

Hilti EQD SPX (Equidist Super Performance Xtra), SP (Super Performance), and P (Performance) diamond blades were announced with the new gas saws, offering three levels of performance and price point.

Hilti Tools 2016 - Diamond Blades

The Equidist blades improve cutting performance by up to 30% thanks to the equal placement of diamond chips rather than the random distribution found in most blades. It’s more than just nice rows of diamonds, they are also shifted to the side from one row to the next to fill the gaps between each diamond in the row ahead.

Hilti Tools 2016 - EquiDist SPX Diamond Blade

Think of it like a race – when one car tucks in behind another, the draft allows for less work to be done by the second car. In random distribution of the diamonds, some have to work while others are hidden by the draft. With equal distribution, each diamond is working just as hard as the others, improving the overall efficiency.

Hilti PLT 300 Layout System

Hilti Tools 2016 - PLT300 Layout System Staff and Tablet

Layout is an issue that can be more complicated than it has to be for many professionals. Hilti recognized that the use of surveyor’s equipment required more training and offered more features than the layout team really needs. It is traditionally a 2-man job at a minimum as well.

The Hilti PLT 300 is a robotic layout system that makes the job a 1-person operation. Auto-leveling and Auto-Stationing technology eliminate many of the complications in the setup stages. Camera targeting tracks your movements while Building Information Modeling allows you to move into the exact position required using the staff and tablet.

While the system itself is complex, its use is far from it. Simply select the point on the building plan that has been uploaded to the tablet and move the locator staff to find the exact point of reference. Mark it and move on to the next. Both indoor and outdoor layout tasks become more efficient and training time is greatly reduced.

Hilti Tools 2016 - PLT300 Layout System

Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive Anchoring

Adhesive anchoring can be less than effective if the conditions aren’t right. The new Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive tackles some of the issues found in other chemical anchoring products. First of all, Hilti has created a solution that works in freezing temperatures down to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. They’ve reduced curing time, making it the fastest in the epoxy class. It’s also carrying the highest published load rating.

Hilti HIT RE 500 V3-prod photo

Along side Hilti’s HIT-HY 200 Adhesive, the HIT-RE 500 V3 is also compatible with SafeSet hollow drill bit use. Compressed air cleaning is acceptable to get started as well. In the case where core drilling leaves a smooth finish, Hilti’s new TE-YRT roughening tool will create a solid bonding surface.

Hilti Tools 2016 - HIT-RE500 V3

Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive is certified for use in cracked and uncracked concrete applications and well as seismic. It will work in a variety of base material conditions including dry, submerged, water-filled, and wet. For the highest level of productivity, pair the new adhesive with Hilti’s HDE 500 Dispenser.

Hilti Layout system PLT 300

Hilti 20/2/1 Warranty and Service Agreement

Hilti has also made an adjustment to their warranty service. Making it more clear to understand, Hilti now offers a 20 year warranty on all their tools, with 2 years of wear and tear service included.

With trained technicians available at their service centers, repairs are now guaranteed with a 1-day turnaround. When your Hilti tool arrives on site for repair or service, they will have it back on its way to you the next day – guaranteed or your service is free. With shipping time, most users will only be without their tool 3 – 5 days.

Hilti Tools 2016 - 20-2-1 Warranty and Service Agreement

Hilti Tool Fleet Management Services

For companies that would rather not have to worry about service and repair, consider Hilti Tool Fleet Management Services. This more of a tool rental/lease style program that takes risk away from your company. For a monthly rate, you get the Hilti tools you need along with service and repair when required. Tool replacement is fast, leaving your crew more productive with loaner tools if one has to go out of service. Even better, you are in the position to take advantage of tool upgrades as soon as they are available.

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