DeWalt 20V Max XR PowerPack Tabless Battery

DeWalt PowerPack Tabless Battery

Battery-powered gear has really taken off, hammering (no pun intended) corded equipment for a host of reasons. And with this relentless progress comes fierce competition to come out with new and improved packs. One of DeWalt’s latest efforts is the 20V Max XR PowerPack Tabless Battery (DCB2108).

So, what does this new addition have to add to the brand’s XR lineup? Let’s take a look at the performance and design features and find out.

DeWalt PowerPack Tabless Battery Performance

The first order of business is to briefly explain what tabless battery technology is.

Simply put, the tabless battery design is a technology that essentially reduces the resistance of cells. The overall result is lower electrical resistance between the cell and the motor. This, in turn, facilitates a more efficient energy transfer, producing longer runtimes and less heat.

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While the 20V PowerPack Tabless Battery is among the latest additions to its fleet, DeWalt is by no means new to the game. In fact, the brand was the first to announce the pouch cell variety, the 20V Max PowerStack.

DeWalt DCB2108


  • Model: DeWalt DCB2108
  • 20V (8.0Ah)

But, in this case, the DCB2108 has distinct benefits and advantages.

For example, DeWalt tells me that the PowerPack tabless battery yields about 50% more power than the 20V Max DCB208. In addition to more power, the DCB2108 should have a longer lifespan than 20V Max batteries with comparable amp hours. However, I should note that these performance factors are not in application.

In short, DeWalt touts this pack as a battery fit for Pros. And, on that note, those with multiple DeWalt tools in their arsenals will like that this model is compatible across the 20V Max platform.

DeWalt 20V PowerPack Tabless Battery Design

DeWalt 20V Max PowerPack Tabless Battery

Finally, there are two design elements worth noting.

First is its heavy-duty construction. Specifically, the DCB2108 has an overmolded base design that, according to DeWalt, provides substantial impact resistance.

Moreover, I like the LED display, which gives you at-a-glance visibility of the battery’s remaining power.

DeWalt DCB2108 Pricing and Availability

DeWalt’s 20V Max XR PowerPack Tabless Battery should hit shelves in early July with a $229 price tag.

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