October 22, 2021

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How to Maintain Your Generator

If you’re ever in a situation where there isn’t power for more than a few hours, you’re going to want a portable generator. The problem is that using your generator for emergency use means that it sits around most of the time. This leads to a different set of problems than we see on the […]

Paslode All-Season

Paslode Framing Fuel Reformulated

New Paslode Framing Fuel Formula Works Down to 18 Degrees Having to work on colder weather is challenging for our bodies without having to worry about tool performance. With colder temperatures on the horizon, framers are already working hard to get as many projects wrapped up as they can. Paslode is doing something about the […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
TruFuel premixed gas

TruFuel Premixed Gas and Oil

Have you heard of TruFuel Premixed Gas and Oil? Let’s start at the basics. What if you didn’t have to mix gas anymore? And I’m not talking about battery-powered outdoor lawn equipment. I mean—what if your fuel came already premixed and ready to go? And what if it never went bad? Mixing gas into that […]