October 24, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

garage cabinet

Keter XL 6-Piece Garage Set Review

Have you ever watched a woodworking or shop how-to video and marveled over the clean and organized workspace that comes from using an intentionally designed system like the Keter XL 6-Piece Garage Set? As silly as it sounds, I’m nearly as impressed with a space for logical workflow and a neat work area as I […]

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet Review

When we started thinking through how we wanted to design the Pro Tool Reviews Video Set, we were also working under the assumption that it has to be our functional work space. Lowe’s has been an outstanding partner throughout the process of erecting a 2,000 square foot steel structure, building elevated storage, installing lighting, and […]