Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet Review

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet

When we started thinking through how we wanted to design the Pro Tool Reviews Video Set, we were also working under the assumption that it has to be our functional work space. Lowe’s has been an outstanding partner throughout the process of erecting a 2,000 square foot steel structure, building elevated storage, installing lighting, and running electricity. As those projects began to wrap up, we turned our attention toward ground and eye level storage.

We built a workbench and brought in several rolling storage systems. We found shelving units and hung peg boards. The next decision was which hanging cabinets were going to be the best fit for our needs. Those needs are solid storage space, weight capacity for a variety of tools and accessories, and a look good enough to be in virtually every video review we produce.

I’ve seen just about everything – repurposed kitchen cabinets are popular following a kitchen remodel. Homemade plywood cabinets are a fun DIY project for the beginner. Plastic and resin options are available, but just don’t seem as durable as what we’re looking for. Enter stage right the Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet.

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet Specifications

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet Stock Image

  • Model: KB3014WM
  • Lowe’s Item Number: 19493
  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 34 inches
  • Depth: 14 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 150 pounds
  • Shelves: 1 adjustable, 1 fixed
  • Locking: 2-point security door with barrel lock
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: $144

Assembly and Installation

With many projects all in process at the same time, we didn’t have time to put these together right away. Fortunately, Tim Johnson had some time on his hands and a plethora of tools to do the job for us. Hey, it’s the PTR Labs – if there’s anything we’re not short on, it’s tools!

The Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet use a thinner gauge steel industrial solutions, so it’s very important to have a solid backing for the cabinets to hang from. We installed three cabinets and one of them was slightly racked after assembly – something we were able to compensate for by ensuring that all of the bottom pieces were straight and level (and hammering out a few creases).

Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet Open

We found that you can mount the cabinets directly to a wall if desired, in which case the metal french cleat-style hanger and lower offset brackets can be removed. All in all, assembly is pretty straightforward. They’re a bit on the heavy side, so if you have the luxury of space to set up on so you can work around the build, that’ll make it even easier.

Build Quality and Storage

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Even though you probably wouldn’t use this in an industrial setting, the Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet is well suited for your garage or home shop. Fully painted surfaces mean that you’re protected from rust issues in humid environments. Properly installed, these are solid. There’s no play that would indicate they are in danger of coming down.

I like the texture on the doors, and once installed, they offer reliable storage, with doors that open and close easily. The barrel lock gives a measure of security against the thieves or your pesky neighbor that has taken to borrowing without asking.

There are two shelves to store tools and accessories on – one fixed at the base and one adjustable. The adjustable shelf has a 100 pound capacity and the fixed base shelf will hold 50 pounds. This gives us plenty of options for clearance for storing anything. You can also take the adjustable shelf out if you want to take advantage of the full height to store longer objects.

Parting Shots

The advantage in these cabinets isn’t their build quality – there are heavier duty options available. The advantage is the value. At the end of the day, the design is attractive and they get the job done. If you’re looking for a solid storage option for your garage or home shop, then the Kobalt Steel Wall-Mount Garage Cabinet cabinets offer a great value for your dollar.

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