September 21, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Smoker Grill

Traeger Pellet Smoker Grill Review | Ironwood 885

A Traeger Pellet Smoker Grill Flattens the Smoking Learning Curve (and Does a LOT More!) My dad taught me to grill more than three decades ago and I’ve run the gamut from taking the time to enjoy the flavor of charcoal to the convenience of propane. Smoking is something I’ve wanted to get into, but […]

Cleaning Your Gas Grill

How to Clean a Gas Grill and Prevent Rust

Gas grills are definitely one of the items in our lives that need the most cleaning. Because it’s usually located outside, the grill has to endure a lot of wear and tear we definitely wouldn’t inflict on any of our other appliances. Even with a cover, it’s likely that moisture and debris are going to […]

Monument Grills 6-Burner Grill

Monument Grills ClearView 6-Burner Grill

Get a Good Look at the Feast You’re Grilling with the Monument Grills ClearView 6-Burner Grill We recently got a close look at the new Monument Grills ClearView 6-burner propane gas grill at the 2019 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. We already got a chance to review the Monument 4-burner gas grill, but this […]

Monument Grill blue LEDs knobs

Monument Grill Review – 4-Burner with LED Controls

I live in Florida where the weather tears up grills and finding replacement parts every couple of years seems to be the law of the land. Previously, I lived near the ocean in South Carolina. Want to store your grill out on the deck? Fine—it will last you a year. While the longevity of grills […]

STOK Gridiron Grill Video Review

Stok Gridiron Grill Video Review

For the PTR crew, we’re all about tool, but man, do we love to eat! We got our hands on the Stok Gridiron Grill to cook up some burgers while we got some work done. This isn’t your typical 4-burner back porch grill like the Stok Quattro, though. As part of the Stok lineup, it […]

Review8.3(out of 10)
Reemco Vulcan home pyro kit

Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System Review

We got our hands on the Reemco Vulcan Home Pyro System this week. We had a lot of fun testing its features. This is a true multipurpose tool that handles anything from starting your gas grill, to removing wallpaper. It also works well for pest control or even emergency lighting. The Reemco Vulcan is one of […]

Stok Grills

Stok Grill Redefines What a Grill Can Be

WHAT MAKES STOK GRILLS DIFFERENT? Stok Grills are similar to the grills you’ve used in the past. There are gas, charcoal, and even electric models in various sizes and at different price points. The big difference is when you look at Stok grill top – cut into the grates are circular pieces that can be […]

STOK Quattro 4-Burner Gas Grill

STOK Quattro 4-Burner Gas Grill Review

It’s hard to reinvent the gas grill, but with removable grill inserts, STOK has taken a new turn in grilling and produced a product that has lots of mass appeal and can actually make grilling more fun. How, you ask? Well, with its unique removable grill insert system, the main feature of the STOK Quattro, it lets you do things with a grill that will put new life into your cooking. We took the Quattro for a spin and, while it may sound more like a new close-shaving razor than a gas grill, the new premier product from STOK proved to be a lot more than a slick name. STOK is also positioning it as a high volume product, pricing it in line with other mass-market grills and ensuring that consumer interest is “stoked” by the new features… sorry, I couldn’t resist.