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How to Properly Dispose of Concrete Dust Silica

How to Properly Dispose of Concrete Dust (Silica)

Filtering out silica dust concrete dust on the jobsite doesn’t do us a whole lot of good if we’re emptying it back into the air trying to dispose of it. So, how do we go about disposing of concrete dust (silica dust) without causing more problems than we solved? We recently talked to Jim Bohn, […]

OSHA Silica Dust Fines Aren't Cheap

When You Need a HEPA Filter for Table 1 Compliance

Dear Table 1, I know you’re there to help protect the health of concrete workers around the country, but you’re awfully confusing at times. Just tell me when you need a HEPA filter for Table 1 compliance already! I imagine this is how just one of many letters we’d like to write to OSHA Table […]

The Case Against Using a HEPA Filter

Do You Need a HEPA Filter? You May Not

Everyone knows that using a HEPA filter is the way to go, right? But do you really need a HEPA filter at all times? After gathering information from several manufacturers, we’re going to make the case against using them in many situations. Think we’re crazy? That’s okay. Hopefully, we can persuade you of our reasoning […]