September 21, 2021

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Worker's Compensation Fraud on the Job Site is Pervasive... and Illegal

What is Workers Compensation Fraud on Jobsites?

When you think about workers compensation fraud, we’re usually talking about faking an injury to get workers comp rather than an employer trying to avoid a claim. Fraudulent claims on your workers compensation plan can really jack your rates up. Employers have plenty of motivation to cover it up if they believe they can slip […]

general liability mistakes contractors make

Contractor General Liability Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone who’s been on a jobsite knows there are dangers everywhere. Sharp things, heavy things, electrified things, moving equipment, and combustibles. We’ve written about jobsite safety before, but our suggestions weren’t exhaustive because we omitted an invisible danger. It’s lurking everywhere on a site and, more importantly, it can stick with you long after the […]