October 21, 2021

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Husqvarna Miami 2017 Media Event

Last year we attended the Husqvarna Silent City 2 event in Sweden. It focused on a discussion of the future of urban parks and landscaping. It attempted to paint a picture of what urban parks and development might look like circa 2030. This Husqvarna Miami 2017 media event was the North America follow-up which brought much of […]

CES 2017 tools technology

CES 2017 Tools, Technology and Smart Devices

Back in the day, I used to hit up CES every year, covering some of the greatest technology products available for audio, video, and home theater applications. Now, I’m back at the world’s largest trade show covering the latest trends in tools, technology, and smart devices for the home. Checking out the CES 2017 tools I’m […]

Bosch Simply Connected Media Event

Bosch Simply Connected Media Event at CES 2017

The Bosch Simply Connected Media event opened with a video on…you guessed it: Connectivity. Bosch wants its product lineup to include connected devices, but also so much more. Their tagline was clear: “Simply Connected” and it speaks to this cross-platform, connectivity they’re seeking to achieve. Bosch Simply Connected with Personalization Personalization is the next big part of […]

Husqvarna Fleet Services for Landscaping Contractors

There’s more to managing a landscaping project than just sending your crews into the field. Are they on-time? Are they sticking to the prescribed limits for noise levels and vibration? Do you have enough tools in the field or too many? A set of apps, hardware, and sensors makes up the Husqvarna Fleet Services system. It creates a unique […]

Husqvarna Silent City 2030 Urban Parks

Husqvarna Silent City 2030 Urban Parks

Husqvarna’s annual Silent City 2 meeting began with an expanded vision for the future or urban parks. This vision will no doubt grow, and could include rooftops, automated maintenance, and a greater community adoption and shared “ownership”. One thing is for sure, the look of circa 2030 urban parks could be a lot different than we imagine […]

Festool Connect 2016 event

Festool Connect 2016 Show Coverage

This year, Festool brought their Festool Connect 2016 event back home to their renovated warehouse in Lebanon, Indiana. Festool Connect grew out of an event that initially only targeted dealers. In fact, their first ever event saw 40-80 attendees. Festool thought that perhaps end users might enjoy seeing their tools up close as well, so they expanded the event. […]

2016 Metabo tools press event

New 2016 Metabo Tools Press Event in Philadelphia

We arrived at the first ever 2016 Metabo Industrial Tool & Safety Symposium for an overview of their new 2016 power tools. The event highlights the safety features of Metabo tools as well as the newest corded and cordless products. Past presidents, Martin Cross and John Hamm were also present of the event. The 2016 […]

2016 ISN Tool Expo

2016 ISN Tool Expo Show Coverage

As the first days of summer rear their head in sunny Central Florida—with a balmy feels-like temperature of 103 degrees—what better place to be than a 72 degree glass dome. The Gaylord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee hosted the 2016 ISN Tool Expo on June 24th and 25th to show off the latest and greatest automotive tools […]

Chervon Research Development skyline

History of Chervon Manufacturing

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding any manufacturing in China, and where there’s confusion, there are also misconceptions. To clear up some of this, we wanted to understand a bit more about the history of Chervon. Chervon, based on China with facilities worldwide, manufactures power tools internationally. They have manufacturing plants in Nanjing, China as […]

Lowes Kobalt 400 trophy

NASCAR Kobalt 400 Race Experience

It was probably a good thing I wasn’t a NASCAR fan that Sunday morning when we arrived at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway after checking out the new Kobalt Tools 24V max tools. Until the Kobalt 400, I had never watched a NASCAR race or really knew anything about it. Most everyone recognizes a few […]