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Milwaukee 2014 FUEL Tools Media Event

Milwaukee Media Event 2014

Kenny Koehler and Clint DeBoer attended the 2014 Milwaukee Press Event where the company is touting a whole lot of news centered around their brushless FUEL line of tools. There’s a ton of info on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter feed, and we’ll be posting lots of individual reports over time as we continue our coverage. The Milwaukee 2014 FUEL tools media event was anything but ordinary. It covered everything including new M18 Cordless Tools, Batteries/Accessories, Hand Tools, M12 Cordless Tools & LED Lighting products, and Plumbing, Electrical and Rotary Hammers. All event news will be tagged with #NPS14

The first evening had us doing a little mingling—a great time to hang out with some of our friends from other tool review websites and magazines.

Milwaukee 2014 M18 Cordless Tools

Our first new tool demo started with the full-size M18 2731-20 Circular Saw.

[facebook= raw=false]

Next up was the Deep Cut M18 Bandsaw which was just announced:

Of course, the Milwaukee 2707-20 M18 Hole Hawg blew us away with its run-time, practicality, and features:

[facebook url= raw=false]

[facebook url= raw=false]

Two new Right Angle Impact tools were also on display:

M18 Batteries and Accessories

Of course, one of the biggest pieces of news came when we stepped into the M18 Battery arena and were presented with the new 5.0 Ah battery pack:

And the RapidCharger, which can charge 3 batteries at once:

For accessories, we were treated to the new Hole Dozer hole saw:

And the Adjustable Hole Cutter with 2″ to 7″ diameter capacity

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Milwaukee 2014 Hand Tools Lineup

The first stop in hand tools was actually in the company’s storage area. Demoed, were several products—including a new backpack, belts, bags, boxes and more:

Of course, then we ran into this gem:

M12 Cordless Tools for 2014 and Onward

[facebook url= raw=false]

[facebook url= raw=false]

The revised and updated M12 heated jackets and hoodies look like a huge improvement in design. These are now third generation wearable “tools”.

M18 Fuel Rotary Hammers

The two new rotary hammers Milwaukee announced include a 1″ model and a 1-1/8″ model—both of which the company claims replace the need for corded in those SDS Plus categories.

[facebook url= raw=false]


Overall it was a very fun day. The folks at Milwaukee are very dedicated to their work and the effort they put into this event is apparent by the amount of personnel attending:

And, they like to party as well!

After this we can’t wait to bring you the individual product coverage. That will be more in-depth and cover a lot more of the details missing in this overview. Stay tuned!

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[…] Rebar, threaded rod, unistrut, hanging pipe, steel stock – we could go at it with a hacksaw or recip saw, but the hand held band saw is king in these applications. Getting an effective cordless model was great. However, a cordless deep cut band saw that can keep up with, and even outperform, corded models is surely proof that there are some talented individuals in the engineering end of our industry. This was obvious when I first laid eyes on the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw at Milwaukee’s annual media event. […]

Great overview. Milwaukee is going to kill the other guys. They are awesome!

All of mine are made in China :( :(

Great. Tools. American. Made

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