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Crane Safety

Crane Safety Basics – Working Safely with Cranes

If you work on a construction site long enough, chances are you are going to have to learn how to work safely around cranes. Cranes set rafters. They install HVAC units on roofs. Cranes even assemble steel beams. In our case, however, we use cranes to install very heavy sculptures. Consequently, crane safety and using […]

Milwaukee Customized Logo PPE – Hard Hats and Safety Vests

Now You Can Put Your Company Logo on Milwaukee PPE! Milwaukee has continued to expand their portfolio of personal protective equipment offerings. They currently offer hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, boots, safety vests, respirators, and more. And now, Milwaukee even offers a customization process to place your company’s logo onto your Milwaukee PPE. […]

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer drilling

Silica Dust Exposure Objective Test Data – the Table 1 Alternative

OSHA silica dust exposure limits have been in place since 2017. But not every organization has taken the steps necessary to meet the guidelines for silica dust protection. Every company that works with concrete, stone, or other masonry materials needs to meet OSHA requirements. But what happens when Table 1 methods don’t exist? That’s when Silica Dust […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
ISOtunes Link Bluetooth Earmuffs

ISOtunes Link Bluetooth Earmuffs Review

We’ve covered quite a few ISOtunes earphones throughout the years. They include many corded and cordless in-ear headphones that specialize in reducing ambient noise for those working in landscaping and/or construction. More recently, the company introduced several Bluetooth earphones that let you stream audio wirelessly while working safely. Most of their models also follow OSHA […]

Milwaukee Safety Glasses

Milwaukee Safety Glasses and Lenses Explained

Milwaukee has a pretty deep lineup of Safety Glasses available, all of which are designed to keep you safe and productive on the jobsite. They fall under the Milwaukee PPE line of personal protection products which includes vests, Milwaukee lighting, safety gloves, banded earplugs, and more. Milwaukee safety glasses include models with anti-scratch lenses, fog-free […]

Milwaukee Neck Gaiter | Breathable Polyester and Spandex

Milwaukee Workwear Lineup Now Includes Face, Head, and Neck Protection Since the sun plays a big part in many jobsites, Milwaukee has come up with some protection from its harmful rays. The Milwaukee Neck Gaiter, joining the brand’s lineup of PPE in September, offers a breathable, comfortable, and dare we say, a stylish solution to […]

Klein Tools Kicks Off National Safety Month With PPE Focus

Klein Tools Kicks Off National Safety Month With PPE Focus

Klein Tools has been in the business of making hand tools for trade professionals since 1857. Over the last several years, however, the company has expanded its manufacturing efforts to include power tools, test and measurement devices, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We worked with them recently to bring you some updated information on what […]

Klein Gel Knee Pads

Klein Gel Knee Pads | 60184 | Lightweight Protection

Lightweight Klein Gel Knee Pads Offer Stability and Reduce Fatigue Klein released another set of knee pads that emphasize comfort and stability for those that do a lot of their work on the floor. The Klein Gel Knee Pads use a combination of gel, EVA foam, and rubber caps to keep the weight down while […]

Review7.5(out of 10)
Stihl Dynamic BT Bluetooth Ear Protectors

Stihl Dynamic BT Bluetooth Ear Protectors Review

Stihl Dynamic BT Ear Protection Adds Music Streaming To Ear Protection Hearing protection is definitely important when working around loud equipment, but does it always have to be boring? Why settle for listening to a reduced-volume version of your tired, old mower or string trimmer when you can pipe some sweet tunes straight into your […]