April 23, 2021

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Snow Shovel Lifehack

Snow Shovel Pro Lifehack: No Snow, No Problem

We’ve taken some fun departures from our typical content (also fun!) recently with a string of articles we call our Alternative Tool Use series. These are lifehacks using tools from around the job or house in ways that may be unusual to accomplish otherwise difficult tasks. We’ve used a square nosed shovel to remove asphalt […]

Square Nose Shovel Pro Lifehack

Square Nose Shovel Pro Lifehack

Have you ever found yourself careening through a YouTube wormhole, mesmerized by folks who’ve created alternative and novel uses for everyday objects? These uses have become known as hacks or lifehacks.  They take their name from the computer science term for work-around solutions to programming challenges. We saw just such a lifehack online the other day. […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Stanley FatMax Shovel Review

Stanley FatMax Shovel Review

Whether getting ready for the Spring planting season at home or on the jobsite, sooner or later, you need a shovel. Gone are the days where you’re subjected to that old wood handle model that threatens to break off with every root it touches. We now have options like the newest Stanley FatMax Shovel with […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Bosse Round Point Shovel

Bosse Round Point Shovel Review

I first saw the Bosse round point shovel online back in 2013 when they launched an aggressive Kickstarter campaign to release a new kind of ergonomic digging tool. Their shovels were once again thrust into my sights at the recent 2015 STAFDA trade show. I thought it was high time we finally got it in-hand to see how well […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Razor-Back shovels and rakes

Razor-Back Shovels and Rakes Review

Shovels and rakes don’t get a lot of attention in most magazines and publications. They’re not sexy. They don’t use batteries. Heck, they don’t even make noise (unless you accidentally hit a gas line with a shovel—but that’s a different type of noise!) The thing is, though, we use shovels and rakes all the time. Whether you’re an […]

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Hand Tools

Hand tools were likely the very first tools you got in your, well, hands. That’s because the nature of their design is basic – metal forged or cast into a shape. Along came improvements in the understanding of the chemistry leading to heat treatment and grips that were more comfortable and insulated against electricity. There’s […]

Craftsman Long Handle & D-Handle Digging Shovels Review

Craftsman Long Handle Digging Shovels

Craftsman’s new Long Handle and the matching D-Handle Digging Shovels are made in the USA. The new shovels, branded by Craftsman (and available at Sears and Kmart), feature Powerstep plates which give you tons of room and lots of leverage for using your boots to really dig in deep, even in compacted soil. The round point blade also feature a nice serrated edge for when you want to rock it back and forth to really saw through tough material.

Jackson J-250 Titanium Xtra Round Point Shovel Review

Jackson Titanium Shovel J-250 Review

The J-250 Titanium Xtra series of shovels from Jackson Professional Tools is a cut above and certain to satisfy those looking for a stiff, dependable tool for all your digging needs. There are shovels, and there are shovels. If you’re tired of babying your shovels for fear the neck will break, then the 11-inch titanium-steel socket will ensure that your 48″ handle doesn’t snap off when you pry up some difficult ground material.