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How Power is Restored After a Storm

How the Electric Company Restores Power After a Storm

When a major storm hits, widespread power outages are a given. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma scored a direct path through our city. Afterward, we got a close look at how power gets restored after a storm. As it turns out, we have some very smart professionals who manage, operate, and repair our local electrical […]

Roof Restoration Tips from the Pros

Roof Restoration After the Storm: Build Your Business

If you serve communities in the paths of hurricanes and tornadoes, consider the following roof restoration tips from the PTR Pros to help build your business after a storm. After a damaging storm, your focus shifts from routine jobs to storm restoration and remediation. We’ve written a lot about roofing nailers, roofing cutters, and even […]

Ryobi 7000-Watt Generator 14

What Size Generator Do I Need?

What size generator do I need? The very fact that you’re asking the question means you’re off to a good start! Generators vary in size from 1800-watt units all the way to whole-house generators capable of producing 20,000 watts or more. Since the prices vary widely, it can be a challenge to get what you […]

What to do after a hurricane 15

What To Do After a Hurricane: A Pro’s Guide To Recovery

There are plenty of guides about what to do after a hurricane, but our Pros have specific recommendations. When it comes to recovering from property damage due to a hurricane, tornado, or other devastating storms, everyone has varying levels of disruption. For some, it’s little more than a power outage. Others may have their home completely […]

Tools You Need For a Hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane – Crucial Tips from Floridians

Nearly every year we buckle down in Florida for the latest stream of hurricane craziness. It’s nothing to make light of—however, it also carries with it a sense of regularity. That regularity breeds people who take care to know how to prepare for a hurricane so they don’t have to panic when it hits. If […]