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Milwaukee M18 FUEL technology explained

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Tools Technology Explained

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL brushless tools line debuted in Spring 2012. These tools feature brushless motors, and Milwaukee Tool brought the price down first before most other manufacturers. Not content to rest on these tools, the M18 FUEL line of brushless tools now dominates Milwaukee’s cordless tools. M18 FUEL combines brushless motors with advanced battery […]

lithium-ion cells 18650

Self-healing Li-ion Batteries on the Horizon

Self-healing li-ion batteries would mean a dramatic improvement in the battery’s ability to sustain itself through extended use. Lithium-ion batteries undergo cracking, deterioration, and electrochemical pulverization during the significant volume changes associated with the insertion and leaving of Li+ ions during charging and discharging. This damage accumulates over time and, as a result, the efficiency […]

graphene batteries lithium-ion and nanotech

Graphene Batteries for Fast-Charging Lithium-ion and Nanotech

New battery materials developed by the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Vorbeck Materials Corp. of Jessup, Md., could enable power tools and other devices that use lithium-ion batteries to recharge in minutes rather than hours. In addition, research at Georgia Tech is working towards increasing the capacity of graphene batteries using through the use […]