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Milwaukee One-Key technology

Milwaukee One-Key Tool Technology – All You Need to Know

We first saw Milwaukee One-Key tool technology demonstrated in 2015. Since then, the Bluetooth-based system has continued to improve and mature. It offers several integrated technologies that take brushless tools to their logical conclusion. In particular, Milwaukee One-Key offers three things: Advanced tool control, jobsite reporting, and power tool inventory control (including a form of […]

sensor-free brushless motors

What is a Sensor Free Brushless Motor?

On a recent media trip, we came across something called a sensor free brushless motor (also called “sensorless”). Our first response was: What is a sensor free brushless motor and why is it better? Based on some questions we received from our readers, we’re not the only ones asking that question. Sensor-free technology heralded a […]

Kobalt XTR 24V Tools

Kobalt XTR Technology – A Big Upgrade

By now you may have seen the new Kobalt XTR 24V tools in your local Lowes. The company claims the lineup offers 50 percent more power. Kobalt’s typically conservative marketing messages often let the tools’ performances do the talking. New tools featuring Kobalt XTR technology come with a bolder look and tone that stands out […]

distracted driver

AAA Study: Vehicle Infotainment Systems More Distracting Than You Think

AAA just released a study that showed vehicle infotainment systems are more distracting than you think—particularly for older drivers. They teamed up with researchers from the University of Utah and surveyed 128 drivers using six 2018 model-year vehicles. The group was split into ages 21-36 and 55-75. The summary cited four primary areas of testing: […]

DeWalt drops units watts out for meter pounds

DeWalt Drops Units Watts Out for Meter-Pounds Specification

For years, DeWalt has skirted norms with its Units Watts Out (UWO) specification. At least, that’s been the case here in America. Overseas they still use the traditional Newton-meters (Nm) to express torque in drills and impact drivers. Today, however, an announcement came out as DeWalt drops units watts out for meter-pounds (m#). This new […]

Bosch EneRacer battery technology

Bosch Eneracer Battery Technology

Bosch has introduced a new GBA 18V 6.3 Ah battery with Eneracer technology (in Germany). Eneracer is an all new (for Bosch) battery that delivers up to 90% more run time as well as improved life. The enhanced runtime is due to the use of larger 20mm x 70mm cells. Life expectancy is increased because the new Bosch Eneracer battery utilizes their CoolPack 2.0 cooling system that reduces […]

tool technology update

Cordless Tool Technology Update

Earlier this year when we began to talk about Power Tool Innovations in 2016, we covered some of the ways in which cordless tools were making use of advanced battery technology, bluetooth communication, and even advanced LED chipsets. These tools are offering more power, better features, smarter functions, and they are appealing to a wider […]

Milwaukee One Key programming

Power Tool Innovations in 2016 – What to Expect

My staff gets our hands-on literally hundreds of new tools each year. Many times, this happens before the public gets a chance to see them. With each new iteration comes a new feature, an improved spec, or perhaps a drop in price. The real excitement, however, comes from the rare tools that break new ground […]

greaseless bearings reduce friction

Greaseless Bearings Reduce Friction by 10

A new development by Coo Space, a Japanese company, could mean higher efficiency for tools that use bearings—which is to say a LOT of power tools. The principle is simple: rather than using individual bearing retainers or cages to separate each bearing in a system, a new design places tiny divots in the track for the balls to roll over. […]