Ryobi RP4300 Motion Alarm Review

Ryobi RP4300 Motion Alarm Review Tek4

The Tek4 Motion Sensing Alarm is an easy-to-use sensor that delivers both chime and full-out alarm modes. It’s 110 degrees of sensing provide a wide range of coverage that can encompass a nice 800 sq. ft. area. We found it to be exceptional sensitive for larger moving objects and the 68 degree vertical range means that it works well when wall-mounted. The included remote means that, while you can program the device with a code (up to 10 digits), it’s not necessary to access the device to turn it on and off – should you decide to mount it out of the way. The remote can be attached to a keychain or clipped to a belt as desired.

Ryobi RP4020 Tek4 Professional Digital Multimeter Review

Ryobi RP4020 Digital Multimeter Review

This is by far the most sophisticated of the tools available currently in the Tek4 lineup. The Professional Digital Multimeter (RP4020) can measure AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, and can check the forward voltage drop of a diode. It can test for continuity and has an internal speaker to give tones when buttons are pressed (and to indicate continuity). The voltmeter adheres to the Tek4 gray/green styling and includes an aluminum-style faceplate that is inset into the front of the unit, surrounding the mode selection dial, LCD screen and buttons. On the back side, the Tek4 Digital Multimeter sports a kickstand and a flip out “Convenience Hook” that lets you hand the meter off of conduit or any other material with a slight lip. We also enjoyed the built in probe holders, which secured the probes perfectly when they were wrapped vertically around the entire meter and left connected.

Ryobi RP4000 Tek4 Self Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser Review

Ryobi Self Leveling Plumb Cross Laser Review RP4000

The RP4000 Self Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser represents one of the best values we’ve seen in a while. For pros and do-it-yourselfers alike, this is one tool that is priced as low, or lower than many of the non-rechargeable competition. The tool actually sits inside of a plastic jacket that contains a threaded tripod mount. Once the tool is lifted a bit and “unlocked”, the level is able to self-level and you can get effective results in any of the three modes. The modes are a combination crosshair/plumb bob mode which fires a horizontal and vertical beam as well as top and bottom lasers for use as a plumb bob. The second mode fires only the horizontal beam and the top dot. The third mode shoots a vertical beam with the bottom dot. For setting up cabinets and interior work this is going to be a no-brainer and a real go-to tool.

Ryobi RP4310 Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box Review

Ryobi Digital Lock Box RP4310 Review

The RP4310 Digital Key Lock Box is a great product and offers a lot for the money. Whereas many real estate lock boxes are “analogue” and involve simple 4-6 number pushbutton combination controls, the Ryobi Tek 4 model steps up the technology to include a digital LCD screen, time & date stamp and multiple code memory. This is a beautiful product that should make massive inroads with real estate agents and brokers everywhere. This is especially so based on the fact that the system can track the last 10 code uses. Now there’s no need to guess which agents accessed the house since you can assign up to 10 different numbers and the Digital Key Lock Box will track them all.

Ryobi RP4400 Tek4 High Intensity LED Flashlight Review

Ryobi RP4400 Tek4 LED Flashlight Review

its Tek4 4400 High Intensity LED Flashlight. While not as bright as a competing 12V version we handled from a competitor, it’s also just half the price – and half the weight! The Tek4 4400 weighs in at just under 7 ounces and will run for 6 hours straight. That’s one heck of a worklight! The light turns on by twisting the neck of the flash light. It’s pretty much all or nothing. We liked the light output we got from this work light. It was bright and a more-or-less “white” light, whereas incandescents are typically a very “yellow” white.

Ryobi RP4700 Tek4 4V Standard Charger Review

Ryobi RP4700 Tek4 4V Charger Review

The RP4700 is the definite weak link in the Tek4 line of tools. This is the charger that comes with each of the battery-wielding tools (save the LED Flashlight and USB Portable Power Source). While small and convenient, the charger takes FIVE HOURS to charge a completely spent battery. Seriously? In what universe does it take 5 hours to charge a 4V Li-ion battery? Of the 12V and 18V tools we use the longest charge time we’ve seen is 60 minutes, and most 12V tools get done in around 30-40. There is really nothing to say about this charger except that if this is what it took to get Energy Star certification, then I think “going green” should only apply to the color of these tools.

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi’s new Tek4 line of 4V lithium-ion products spans a range from measurement to safety to portable power backup. All tools share the same 4V rechargeable power source and sport an industrial look with Ryobi’s new signature green color adorning each of the dark-gray colored tools as trim. Since all of the new Tek4 tools use the same li-ion 4V battery (AP4001), delivering over 200 charges and longer-life than what you can get with standard Alkalines.