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How to Install a Commercial Wall Exhaust Fan

How to Install a Commercial Wall Exhaust Fan

There may not be a more economical way to cool down a large shop than to install a commercial exhaust fan. Let’s face it, options are limited once you exceed 2400 square feet. You could install an AC unit, but that involves a huge up-front expense in both hardware and insulation. It also involves the ongoing costs to […]

Bosch 18V Jobsite Blower

Bosch 18V Jobsite Blower GBL18V-71

In a market where there are many specific tools for many specific jobs, versatility and efficiency become important qualities when considering your next purchase. With those qualities in mind, Bosch Tools recently released their Bosch 18V Jobsite Blower, incorporating convenient cordlessness into a compact frame. What Bosch Has To Say “The Bosch GBL18V-71 is a professional-grade […]