Coast HP314 LED Flashlight with 1132 Lumens

This might be the second brightest light you ever see that isn’t a laser or the sun… Coast just announced its latest HP-series flashlight, the HP314. This new professional-grade flashlight isn’t for the faint-hearted, however as it uses 4 D-cell batteries and puts out an astounding 1132 lumens. For perspective, that’s considerably more than most calibrated home theater projectors. Why is it the second-brightest flashlight? Because it’s optimized for distance, and so the Coast HP21, with 1325 lumens is actually a tad brighter in the near field. If you’re looking for something a bit more compact (and not as bright), the Coast HP7 LED Flashlight may be a more economical choice.

Coast HP314 LED Flashlight Features

The HP314 shares many characteristics and features with the HP 21, but instead of Pure Beam Focusing, it is using the new “Long Range Focusing Optic” which can shine a bright spot nearly a half mile away (2,240 feet)! The new optics were designed with law enforcement and military in mind (as well as EMT and sportsmen) who wanted a solution that was optimized to throw the longest possible beam. This new lens is also going to be available with the HP7R and HP5R flashlights as well. In addition to incredibly long distance applications, these flashlights also uses a slide focus mechanism so you can also generate a consistent circle of light in the Broad View Flood Beam mode.

The HP314 continues the Coast trend of incorporating a tough, impact- and water-resistant aluminum case that resists rust and corrosion. A rubberized O-ring also serves to keep out moisture and dust. The integrated heat sink (dubbed the “Cyclone”) ensures that the LED optics don’t overheat and that your flashlight LED lasts as long as possible.

The Coast HP314 LED Flashlight has three modes that can be quickly alternated through by quick-cycling the rear-mounted switch. Modes include high output (1,130 lumens), strobe mode, and low output (95 lumens). At low power, the four D-cell batteries will deliver up to 190 hours of continuous use.

The Coast HP314 runs about $260 (Wow!) and comes with a carrying case and a shoulder strap and carries a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Both the Coast HP314 and the HP21R (the rechargeable version of the HP21) will be available in January.

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