Makinex Portable Power Box – Power With Mobility

The Makinex Portable Power Box (PPB) that we saw at the 2019 World of Concrete show is a battery-powered AC generator capable of storing a staggering 17.6kW of potential energy.

10-Second Summary

  • Pure Sine Wave power is safe for electronics
  • High surge loads
  • Emission-free
  • Silent operation
  • No maintenance required
  • Monitor usage stats and available power with a smartphone app
  • Locking NEMA 3R cabinet, heavy-duty wheels, and lifting eye for security and mobility

The Basics

The PPB’s value proposition is clear: a boat-load of portable, emission-free, and silent AC power for your jobsites. With sizes from 4.4kW to 17.6kW, you’ve literally got power for (kilowatt) hours.

Most of the consumer-level options like the Kohler enCube are doing well to give you 1200 watt-hours with its lead-acid power source. Even high-end options like Goal Zero’s Yeti top out around 3000 watt-hours of lithium-ion power. On the high end, Makinex can give you more than 5x the power storage of the best consumer options.

We’re don’t have details of how long it takes to charge the Portable Power Box’s hybrid lithium-ion batteries, but we do know they can use either 120V or 240V. There are no fumes and no sounds when it’s running, keeping your job safe and quiet. That’s great unless you’ve got chatty co-workers you’d like to drown out.

On a more serious note, the Makinex Portable Power Box is an ideal product for working in enclosed areas where you can’t run a gas generator and need more watt-hours than other options can give you.

Additional Details

Battery-powered energy sources have a host of benefits. Perhaps the best is that you don’t have the maintenance of gas or diesel engines. There are no oil changes, tune-ups, or other general maintenance and there are zero emissions.

It’s also cleaner energy and I don’t mean that in terms of emissions. Pure Sine Wave power makes it safe to run just about anything on it, including sensitive electronics. Power your jobsite laptops and smaller electronics on it just like your table saws and air compressors. You can even monitor usage and discharge with a mobile app. That’s pretty slick.

The PPB is housed in a NEMA 3R cabinet and rolls on four heavy-duty wheels.

Makinex Portable Power Box Specifications

  • Sizes range from 4.4kW to 17.6kW
  • Battery type: Hybrid Lithium-ion, NCA, NMC
  • Charging voltage: 120v or 240v
  • Prices: TBA

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