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Empire Level e105 Digital Level

Empire Level e105 Digital Levels

Empire Level recently introduced the first auto-calibrated digital levels with the new Empire Level e105 digital level lineup.  Whereas existing digital levels require manual calibration which takes time and invites inaccuracy, these True Blue box levels feature seven auto-calibrated measuring display modes: degree-tenths, degree-hundredths, mm/M or percentage, or rough-in mode measurements in degrees, in/ft. fractions or in/ft. decimals. An inspect mode allows for repeat measurements while an audio indicator outputs a continuous tone when in level.

Available in magnetic and non-magnetic models, the levels also feature dual backlit displays, a hold function that allows the user to lock measurements in position, an overhead inverted display, top read digital display, surface grippers, a tilt indicator, an IP65 rating, shock absorbing removable endcaps, precision milled edges, and solid block acrylic e-Band vials.

“Whether the user is double checking that an angle is within code before an inspection, or using the audible indication for hands-free operation, a digital level is in almost every professional’s arsenal of tools because of their incredible versatility and accuracy. With inspector grade features such as an IP65 Rating, multiple measuring display options, inspect mode and the industry’s first auto-calibrated set-up, these new digital levels represent the very best in high-performing layout solutions from Empire, wearing the True Blue badge of honor.”

                                                                                              – Rick Gray, Senior VP and GM for Empire Level

Empire Level e105 Digital Level

The Empire Level e105 digital level line is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and vials.

Our Take

Digital levels are great in the field for plumbers, building compliant wheelchair ramps, checking gradients, and for anyone inspecting those kind of projects. Auto calibration that we see with Empire’s new e105 series simply takes to it to a whole new level with fewer headaches. Now it doesn’t take the extra layer of training to ensure that your work is compliant and to your client’s specifications.

In addition to the IP65 rating, we really like that the digital display isn’t relegated to just one reading position since you know you’ll be vertical, overhead, and looking down from above the level.

Empire delivers a bonus with the padded case to keep you level protected during transportation. After all, these aren’t your $49 Empire box levels. We’ve got one on its way in for review and we’ll be sure to let you know what we think once we’ve had it in the field. Until then, what are your first impressions?

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Empire Level e105 Digital Level Features

Empire Level e105 Digital Level
  • Auto-calibration
  • Seven measuring display modes
  • Inspect mode
  • Dual backlit display
  • Hold function
  • Overhead inverted display
  • Top read digital display
  • Surface grippers
  • Tilt indicator
  • IP56 rating
  • Shock absorbing removable endcaps
  • Milled edges
  • Acrylic e-Band vials

Empire Level e105 Non-Magnetic Digital Level Models

  • 16-inch True Blue Digital Box Level (e105.16)- $99
  • 24-inch True Blue Digital Box Level w/ Case (e105.24)- $119
  • 48-inch True Blue Digital Box Level w/ Case (e105.48)-$159
  • 72-inch True Blue Digital Box Level w/ Case (e105.72)- $199

Empire Level e105 Magnetic Digital Level Models

  • 24-inch True Blue Magnetic Digital Box Level w/ Case (em105.24)- $129
  • 48-inch True Blue Magnetic Digital Box Level w/ Case (em105.48)- $169

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