EGO 575 CFM Blower: Class Leading Power

EGO 575 CFM Blower
PTR Review
  • Overall Rating 9.4

The EGO 575 CFM blower gets it right with an outstanding balance of power, runtime, weight, and price.

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

Editor’s Note: This blower has been discontinued.

In our cordless blower shootout, none of the participants could produce as much power as the EGO 575 CFM Blower. Pushing our meter to 16 Newton meters of force is impressive in this class. But Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews’ backpack blower shootout shows just how far battery power still needs to go before it can reach the 35+ Newtons those models are capable of.

There’s a lot to love about this model from EGO, but there’s some question as to where it fits. With most of EGO’s lineup, we’re used to performance near or at the top of the line and a near steal of a price point. But that’s not the case here. At $349, this is one of the more expensive cordless blowers you can buy, though it does come with a 5.0 AH battery.

It almost seems to be a concept type of design. Moving up in power from the shootout-winning EGO 530 CFM model comes with a premium price tag. We can only conclude that the motor required to produce that kind of power simply isn’t in the price range of EGO’s other products. And that’s okay. We love seeing manufacturers push the boundaries and experiment with what’s possible. The cool thing is that, even at the higher price point, this blower has the most power available in a cordless handheld blower. And it’s not just a theoretical engineering sample – you can go out and buy it if you want.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons we found during the course of our shootout. To get the complete picture of the EGO 575 CFM Blower, head over to Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews to see what they have to say.


EGO 575 CFM Blower
  • Highest CFM
  • Third highest MPH
  • Highest Newton force
  • Well rounded feature set
  • Second highest kitted battery capacity
  • Excellent warranty


  • Third worst ergonomics
  • Overmold seam can irritate palm and fingers

EGO 575 CFM Blower Key Features

  • 5.0 Ah 56-Volt arc lithium battery can power all EGO products
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Variable-speed control delivers 260-575 CFM
  • 4 times quieter that gas blowers
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Spread nozzle attachment and shoulder strap included
  • Ergonomic design for superb balance and user comfort

EGO 575 CFM Blower Specifications

  • Model: EGO LB5750
  • Noise rating (dB): 65
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Voltage: 56 V
  • Watt Hours: 280
  • Battery Amp Hours: 5.0
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium Ion
  • Engine Type: Electric Motor
  • Maximum Air Volume (CFM): 575
  • Maximum air speed (mph): 142
  • Product Weight: 9.68 lbs
  • Includes: Battery, Charger
  • Warranty: 5 years limited
  • Price: $239.99

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