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In an increasingly crowded world of battery powered string trimmers, Worx sets itself apart with its Command Feed line advance system and wheeled edging. However, 0.080" line and a 13" cutting swath combined with $200 price tag may leave Pros looking for other options.

Overall Score 3.9 Pro Review

I’m one of the fortunate few in my neighborhood that gets to enjoy a decent sized yard with minimal mowing. I have a lot of landscaping that I have enjoyed working on through the years and not a whole lot of leftover grass to worry about. It means that I can adopt a more European mindset when it comes to lawn care. With a small cutting swatch and excellent maneuverability, the SunJoe iON mower has been perfect for my needs. All that landscaping leaves plenty of curving trimming and edging to do though. The Worx 56V string trimmer made its way into my hands recently and I’m ready to see if its 2-in-1 feature set is a good fit for the kind of detail work I require. We’ve already reviewed the Worx 56V mower, so it made sense to add this into the mix.

From its name, the Worx 56V String Trimmer obviously offers 56V of power. This is actually more than most people need unless they’re hacking back some neglected foliage. I expect that I’ll be able to feather a lower speed than max trimming duties to get more run time out of the battery. Edging is a more aggressive applications that will likely need to be completed at high speed, especially around the driveway and other hard surfaces. Worx has a couple of innovative features in store for users. By replacing the bump feed system with their Command Feed, line feed is done with a simple switch. They’ve also added a wheel to make edging a more realistic task.

Worx 56V String Trimmer Manufacturer’s Key Features

  • High-capacity 56V MaxLithium Battery provides gas-like performance & extended run time with zero emissions
  • In-line wheeled edging provides a clean, professional finish
  • Innovative Command Feed line length advancement control provides
    line when needed with the touch of a button
  • Variable speed throttle control extends run time and provides power
    for various grass conditions
  • 90° pivoting cutting head to easily tackle any terrain
  • Includes a 3 Year Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


The Worx 56V String Trimmer Experience

Worx 56V String Trimmer Feature

If you’re new to lithium-ion string trimmers from the world of gas, balance is going to be the first thing you notice is different. The battery sits at the top of the shaft where the gas motor would normally be found. However, the motor is actually moved to the top of the trimmer head, moving the weight down. It took me a few weeks to really get used to it. The balance is now second nature to me.

When you turn on the Worx 56V String Trimmer, you’ll immediately notice the noise – or lack thereof. Other PTR Reviewers have said it in their evaluations and it bears repeating. Lithium-ion OPE is much quieter than gas powered options. They’re also much more convenient than electric models that require an extension cord to be drug around the yard.

I have common Florida bahiagrass. It’s comes back well after a drought and handles the Central Florida heat well. It doesn’t grow in as thick as St. Augustine or Bermuda grass though. As expected, I didn’t need all 56V to easily cut through this species.

Worx 56V String Trimmer Specs

  • Power: 56v Max
  • No-load speed: 8300 rpm
  • Max cutting diameter: 13 in.
  • Line diameter: .080 in.
  • Max line length: 20 ft.
  • Charging time: 90 mins
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Includes: Worx 56v cordless string trimmer, 56V Max Li-ion 2.5 Ah battery, WA3859 charger

Worx 56V string trimmer controls

Bonus: Worx 56V Wheeled Edger

EdgingThe Worx 56V String Trimmer’s ability to be used as an edger is thanks to an excellent design. Most string trimmers force the user to balance the unit in a slightly awkward position while holding up at just the right height to edge. That just not a great solution and never leaves a good clean edge. Wheeled designs are the go-to for professionals and Worx adds that to their String Trimmer. This adds significant speed to the process.

I also like the Command Feed feature. Taking the traditional bump feed system and moving it to a simple button push is ideal. When you engage the Command Feed system, the motor will shut off while the line feeds out. As soon as you release the switch, it will come back on and you’re back to work.

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Critiques & Feedback

I found that I used trimmer line more quickly than I did with my gas trimmer. While it may be due to the Command Feed or other design feature, it’s more likely because of the 0.080″ line. While the power is definitely there, the line diameter and 13″ cutting swath are going to limit the Worx 56V trimmer and wheeled edger to lawns 1/3 acre or less in my opinion.



For my needs, the $199 Worx 56V string trimmer has been a great addition. I like to get up and going on the weekend and my neighbors really appreciate the move to lithium-ion tools. In an increasingly crowded world of battery powered string trimmers, Worx sets itself apart with its Command Feed line advance system and wheeled edging.

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david reeder
david reeder

I purchased a Worx 56 Volt Grass trimmer and it is the worsed Trimmer I have ever bought, when you tap the head it doesn’t feed string or where it says to feed string that button doesn’t work also the String on the spoolgets caught up in itself then you have to take the head apart to loosen that. What a BIG pain in the Butt. Will NEVER recommend a Worx product to anyone.


I bought a WG191 recently after owning a gas powered 17″ trimmer for many years. Bump feed and pull start issues have become aggravating to my arthritis. I am having trouble with the WG191 meeting my requirements. The battery only lasts about 30 minutes which is not a real surprise. The 20 foot string roll lasted a little longer but not long enough to finish my trimming on my 1 acre lot. The string roll was easily replaced but the auto-feed system did not work properly on the new string roll. It continually feeds line when not needed and has… Read more »


Thanks for the review. One thing I was curious was life of batteries, which in a quick evaluations you could not tell, and cost of string. It’s been a few months, anything new you can add?

WORX Tools

Thanks for sharing a great review!