Stihl BGA 300 Blower

stihl bga 300 blower

The fact that battery-power is taking off is, at this point, essentially beyond argument. It’s the prevailing fuel in some places, whether people like it or not. That said, several design factors face manufacturers as more states and municipalities put the kibosh on gas-driven equipment. In this vein, we’re mainly talking about power and volume, especially with commercial-grade gear. Stihl attempts to balance both with its BGA 300 backpack leaf blower.

Here’s a rundown of its performance and design features to help you decide if this is the right tool for your crew.

Stihl BGA 300 Blower Performance and Design

Starting with the power plant, Stihl equipped this tool with a brushless motor and the brand’s AR 3000 L battery pack. On that note, I think it’s worth pausing here to discuss the latter’s design.

The 36V AR 3000 L is a pretty big unit and a style of battery that Stihl has been working with for some time. However, its design traits are an acquired taste with many Pros (particularly when several competing commercial backpack models successfully use multiple standard-sized packs). For example, at a shade over 20 pounds, the 3000 is heavy, bringing the BGA 300 blower’s weight to a hefty 36 pounds.

Nonetheless, Stihl says that it gives tools like the BGA 300 blower an edge. Specifically, you can use it in the rain. Moreover, it can serve as a portable power supply thanks to its USB port for charging other devices.

stihl ar 3000 L


In terms of power, this model should give you an impressive blend of characteristics. It generates a high velocity–192 mph–which is great for managing stubborn, wet debris. Furthermore, Stihl tells us that the BGA 300 delivers a blowing force of 792 CFMs and 26 Newtons.

stihl bga 300 backpack leaf blower

Finally, there’s the matter of volume–an important concern for crews that have to consider noise ordinances. Stihl’s patent-pending Silencer System keeps this unit at 93dB (full throttle), making it what they say is the quietest power tool in its class.

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Stihl BGA 300 Backpack Blower Price

This blower retails bare for $699.99. You can pick up the 36V AR 3000 L battery for $1,529.99.

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