May 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

backpack battery

EGO Commercial Battery

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery BAX1501

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Power is the Heartbeat of the Commercial Line As EGO moves from its dominance of the residential battery-powered OPE market and begins targetting Pros, the EGO Commercial Backpack Battery serves as its primary power source. Pros Highest capacity of all currently available backpack batteries Surprisingly comfortable design 3.5-hour charging with Quick […]

Makita Backpack Battery BL36120A

Makita Backpack Battery Extends Capacity… In Europe

Unbeknownst to us until recently, Makita UK has released a 12Ah, 36V battery backpack to work in conjunction with the range of Makita twin 18V cordless tools. With an 18V X2 wiring harness, it’s the same as four 6.0 amp hour 18V batteries – a total of 432 watt hours. The new Makita backpack battery offers […]

Stihl Backpack Battery AR 2000

Stihl Backpack Battery – AR 2000 to Replace AR 900

Stihl recently introduced the Stihl Backpack Battery, the Stihl AR 2000, as an alternative power source to gas-powered tools and for professionals who work in areas with noise or emissions restrictions. The company claims the backpack battery can power tools up to 11 hours on one charge, which takes 130 minutes with Stihl AL 500 high-speed […]