EGO Commercial Backpack Battery BAX1501 Review

EGO Commercial Battery

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Power is the Heartbeat of the Commercial Line

As EGO moves from its dominance of the residential battery-powered OPE market and begins targetting Pros, the EGO Commercial Backpack Battery serves as its primary power source.


  • Highest capacity of all currently available backpack batteries
  • Surprisingly comfortable design
  • 3.5-hour charging with Quick Charger
  • Compatible with EGO Power+ tools with an available adapter
  • Generous amounts of adjustability for various body types


  • Initial cost is higher than other brands

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Capacity

The EGO BAX1501 packs 1568 watt-hours of energy into the pack. With their residential battery maxing out at 560 watt-hours (56V, 10.0 Ah), it’s like carrying nearly 3 of those big packs. That’s also close to 3/4’s of what the EGO Nexus Power Station can hold.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery

Other comparisons aside, it’s still running 56 volts, making it a solid 28 Ah power source for the system.

Charging takes just 3.5 hours and you can expect a total life of around 1000 full cycles. That’s 4 years if you’re using it 250 days a year. Many of us are below that thanks to the winter months.

Wearing the EGO Commercial Backpack Battery

EGO clearly did their homework on the frame design. The battery is a separate piece from the harness and there’s a curious separation between the upper and lower pads with fabric in between. Both parts need to clip into the harness.

That separation gives you a gap that allows better airflow around your lower back.

Harness and padding

The overall fit is very similar to a hiking backpack with substantial hip straps to take the weight off of your back. There’s also a chest strap to secure the shoulder straps in place. It’s an effective system that wears its 23 pounds easier than Stihl’s and Husqvarna’s models.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery

Both the hip and shoulder straps have excellent cushioning and an outer fabric that resists abrasion to your skin.

The staps have a lot of length to them, so even big and tall guys and gals should be able to find a comfortable fit.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Design Features

Adapter Plug

To answer one of the major questions right away, you can’t use the EGO Commercial Backpack Battery for your residential equipment out of the box. It uses a minimalist plug instead of a full battery adapter. However, you can pick up the ADB1000 Adapter for $79.99 to make them compatible.


If you want to get the battery weight off of your tools for the residential line at a lower price, check out the BH1001 Backpack Link.

LED Charge Status

EGO sticks with its 5-LED light ring for the charge indicator. While Husqvarna has a digital readout percentage, this is an advantage over 3- and 4-LED indicators.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Charge Status

Cord Management

Two clips on the right side let you clip the adapter cord in where it’s out of the way.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Cord Clip

USB Port and 12V Ports

What good is having nearly 1600 watt-hours of energy and a dead phone? Feel free to charge it up while you work!

USB and 12V power supply

Additional Features

  • Carry handle
  • Waterproof tool connection
  • Battery air vents

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Price

The 28 Ah battery with its harness runs $1299.99. Here’s where the competition fits into that conversation along with their capacities:

  • Stihl AR3000 L: $1219.95
    • 1522 watt-hours
    • $0.80/watt-hour
  • EGO BAX1501: $1299
    • 1568 watt-hours
    • $0.83/watt-hour
  • Husqvarna BLi950X: $949.99
    • 1120 watt-hours
    • $0.85/watt-hour

Even though EGO isn’t the least expensive per watt-hour, what really stands out is how it leads the pack in battery capacity, even against the premium Pro brands’ top backpack batteries.

The Bottom Line

The EGO Commercial Backpack Battery pushes higher overall capacity than you can get with Pro brands like Stihl and Husqvarna and keeps its cost per watt-hour competitive.

With a surprisingly comfortable harness and a load of adjustability for various sizes, EGO’s commercial line has a power source that’s the envy of anything else out there.

EGO Commercial Backpack Battery Specifications

  • Model: EGO: BAX1501
  • Battery Capacity: 1568 watt-hours
  • Voltage: 56V
  • Amp Hours: 28 Ah
  • Weight: 23.0 pounds with battery and harness
  • Price: $1299
  • Warranty: 2 years

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