Yardmax Log Splitters Gas & Electric Models

Yardmax Gas and Electric Log Splitters

Fall is arriving in most of the country and that means winter is right around the corner. It’s time to get serious about splitting your firewood and we’d rather not do that with an axe if we can help it. Yardmax is a new brand in town, formed in a joint venture with an established outdoor power equipment manufacturer. The company’s initial product offering includes nine Yardmax Log Splitters.

With both gas and electric models available, the log splitters feature built-in stands or stand-alone trailer designs, stroke limiters, and log tables as standard features as they work their way into to the residential market.

Gas-Powered Yardmax Log Splitters

The gas-powered Yardmax Log Splitters are offered in both full- and half-beam designs and are available in 25-, 28-, 30- and 35-ton splitting force options.

A Briggs & Stratton engine (208 cc for the smaller two, and 306 cc for the larger two) powers the full beam’s 7.5-inch, 2-way wedge and 4-way wedge (included). The table accommodates up to 25.5-inch or 26-inch logs depending on the model. Yardmax expects their U-beam design and spinner foot plate will make the tough job easier.

Gas Yardmax Log Splitters Key Features 

Yardmax Log Splitters

  • U-beam design
  • 2-way and 4-way wedge included
  • Spinner foot plate for log rotation and support
  • Split vertically and horizontally
  • Minimal, one-person assembly
  • Oversized hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic oil filter mounted inside the reservoir
  • Dual end cylinder support (full-beam) or hydraulic cylinder (half-beam)
  • Beam handle offers transition from a horizontal to a
    vertical position
  • Log stripper mounted to end of hydraulic cylinder
  • Pair of log cradles — 2-positions, with option for mountable
    log table.

Yardmax Gas Log Splitters – Full Beam

  • Yardmax YU2566 (25-ton, 208 cc): $999
  • Yardmax YU2866 (28-ton, 208 cc): $1099
  • Yardmax YU3066 (30-ton, 306 cc): $1399
  • Yardmax: YU3566 (35-ton, 306cc): $1499

Yardmax Gas Log Splitters – Half Beam

  • Yardmax YU2565 (25-ton, 208 cc): $999 
  • Yardmax YU2865 (28-ton, 208 cc): $1099
  • Yardmax YU3065 (30-ton, 306 cc): $1399
  • Yardmax: YU3567 (35-ton, 306cc): $1499

Electric Yardmax Log Splitter

The Yardmax 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter can be a benchtop or stand unit allowing you to work indoors in the winter. It features a 6-inch wheel diameter, 20.5-inch length and 10-inch diameter log capacity, and a 16-second cylinder cycle time.


Yardmax Electric Log Splitter Key Features 

Yardmax Log Splitters

  • 5 ton RAM Force
  • Stand, log tray and stroke limiter
  • Two-handed operation
  • 6-inch wheel diameter and lightweight design
  • Portable and can be operated indoors in the winter
  • Log Capacity — 20.5-inch length and 10-inch diameter.
  • 16 second cylinder cycle
  • None or minimal assembly required.
    • No assembly required for benchtop unit — simply clip on the wheels and start splitting.
    • Minimal assembly required for stand unit.

Electric Log Splitter

  • YS0552 (5-ton): $299

Yardmax offers a two-year residential warranty on all equipment; a 3-2-1 warranty for gas log-splitters that includes materials and workmanship for three years, motors for two years and hydraulic parts for one year; and a 90-day commercial warranty.

The Bottom Line

Yardmax was made in partnership with an “established outdoor power equipment manufacturer” that remains unnamed. With pricing and warranty clearly aimed at residential use, that could mean a commercial level company has worked with them to produce a homeowner level line, or it’s simply being rebranded.

While the exact nature remains unclear, Yardmax is backing their products with a 2-year warranty and we like that they partnered with Briggs & Stratton on the engine. The pricing is pretty comparable to other residential models on the market and these should compete well in that sector.

They do have several “patent-pending” features if you look around their website which is a good indication that they’re looking to find ways to innovate and not just create a new brand in an already established market. With winter on the way, we’ll be looking forward to seeing what users say as they make their preparations.

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