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Bosch Nail Strike Spade Bits

Among the best new accessories we saw at STAFDA 2018 are the Bosch Nail Strike spade bits. These are some similarities to Bosch’s Daredevil spade bits, but also some significant differences, putting them in a different class.

10-Second Summary

  • Thicker, more robust paddle section
  • Threaded self-feed tip
  • Cutter geometry optimized for cutting through nails
  • Roughly twice the cost of Daredevil spade bits


You’ll immediately notice the thicker, more robust paddle design of these bits. The idea is to produce cutting edges that are tougher than standard spade bits with a geometry optimized for cutting through nails. You can expect to cut through as many as 30 nails before replacing each bit.

Bosch Nail Strike Spade BitsLike Daredevil spade bits, there’s a threaded tip so you can let the bit and your tool do the work while you just worry about control.

These don’t bore as fast as a Daredevil spade bit and they don’t last as long in nail-embedded wood as auger bits. They’re a nice middle ground between the two that also falls between them in cost. They’ll do their best work when you’re boring through wood that may or may not have nails in it.

When you’re using a Nail Strike, your best bet is to keep your drill in low speed. You’ll feel the change when you first hit a nail, so this will help you maintain control and let the cutting edges work most effectively.

Because the cost is roughly twice what Daredevil spade bits run, you probably don’t want to use Bosch Nail Strike spade bits as your primary option.

Look for these to start showing up in February 2019.


Bosch Nail Strike Spade Bits Highlights

  • Designed to cut through up to 30 nails
  • Fits between the speed of standard spade bits and the nail cutting of auger bits
  • Use in low speed on your drill
  • Available February 2019

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