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DeWalt MaxFit Screwdriving Bits

DeWalt MaxFit System


New from the DeWalt camp are the impact rated DeWalt MaxFit Screwdriving Bits. The MaxFit system is designed for use in drill/drivers and impact drivers. Starting with a shock resistant steel material, the tips are machined with precision to create a combination of durability an reduce screw head stripping.

DeWalt MaxFit bits are also designed to work with the DeWalt Magnetic Screw Lock System. The Magnetic Screw Lock Sleeve slides over the MaxFit bit to magnetically hold the fastener against the bit tip. DeWalt recommends this for use with 2″ – 6″ MaxFit bit. By holding the fastener firmly in place, the Screw Lock frees up the hand that is normally concerned with holding the fastener in place. DeWALT also recommends the 3″ Magnetic Screw Lock Bit Tip Holder for use with the 1″ MaxFit bit. In addition to holding the fastener to the bit just like the Sleeve, it also offers extra reach and stability. Additionally, any 1/4″ hex shank accessory can be held with the DeWalt Rapid Load Holder.

With 34 products available, including several sets, it looks like DeWalt is replacing the FlexTorque lineup. While these are new to the market and we haven’t reviewed them yet, customers at The Home Depot seem to be generally impressed. The 30 piece set is currently carrying a 4.9/5 customer rating and the 45 piece set has a 4.6/5. Pricing at Home Depot starts at $2.47 for a twin pack of various 1″ bits through $17.97 for the 45 piece set. There is also a 28 piece set that includes titanium drill bits with the DeWalt MaxFit Bits that is currently $19.97. The good news for FlexTorque fans is that if MaxFit is replacing them, be on the lookout for some outstanding deals as old stock is cleared out!

For more information, check out the intro video and DeWalt’s website.

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