October 18, 2021

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Milwaukee Torch Nitrus Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

Milwaukee Nitrous Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

Milwaukee Tool has announced a new recip saw blade release that’s scheduled for March this year. Engineered to cut up to three times longer than your standard carbide teeth blades, the Milwaukee Torch Nitrus Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades should tackle all your tough cuts on the job, particularly in cast iron.

10-Second Summary

  • Next-gen carbide recip blade designed for cast iron cutting
  • 7 TPI design
  • Large gullets
  • New carbide blend
  • Available March 2020
  • Prices: $16.97 (6″), $21.97 (9″)

What Does Milwaukee Say About the Torch Nitrus Blades?

“When we introduced our Torch Carbide Blades in 2018, we disrupted the market and exceeded users’ expectations by delivering unparalleled versatility and life in extreme, thick metal applications. Now we’re setting the bar once again by introducing Nitrus Carbide, a unique carbide blend, to our widely popular metal-cutting Torch blades, giving them unparalleled speed and life in extreme, thick metal applications.”

John Rossi, Vice President of Linear Edge Accessory Products for Milwaukee Tool

What Do the Nitrus Blades Bring To the Party?

The Milwaukee Torch Nitrus Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades represent the next bit of evolution in the brand’s reciprocating saw blade line.

Milwaukee Nitrous Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

Milwaukee has designed the new blades with 7 TPI for faster starting and smoother cuts. Large gullets have been worked into the design for better chip ejection.

The notable feature of the Nitrus Carbide blades revolves around the unique carbide blend. Milwaukee tells us they’ve engineered this carbide to last the longest and cut the fastest in cast iron and other thick metals.

The combination of all these features enables the new blades “to outperform standard carbide teeth blades in common metal applications without sacrificing the life of their blade and with fewer blade changes.”

Milwaukee Nitrous Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

The Milwaukee Torch Nitrus Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades will hit shelves in March of this year. They will be available in 6″ and 9″ lengths, and you’ll be able to purchase them in 1-, 3-, and 5-packs. The 6″ option will run you $16.97, while the 9″ Torch blade will retail for $21.97.

Thoughts on Milwaukee Torch Nitrus

Moving the Torch line forward from the Torch Carbide we tested back in 2018, the big deal seems to be the carbide blend. Of the three big players (Diable, Lenox, and Milwaukee), the Torch Carbide finished with a respectable usable life but fell short of what Lenox had.

That original carbide blade boasted a 50% longer life than standard bi-metal blades. The new Milwaukee Torch Nitrus claims 3x the life of standard carbide blades. We’ll have to wait and see what that means compared to the Torch Carbide until we get a few in our hands.

At $16.97 for the 6″ blade and $21.97 for the 9″, they’re more expensive than the previous version. However, the lifespan appears to justify the additional expense if you’re a “cost per cut” kind of shopper.

What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Milwaukee Torch Nitrus Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blade Options

  • 6″ 7 TPI Torch with Nitrus Carbide Recip Blade
    • Model Number: 48-00-5261
    • Available March 2020
    • Price: $16.97
  • 9″ 7 TPI Torch with Nitrus Carbide Recip Blade
    • Model Number: 48-00-5262
    • Available March 2020
    • Price: $21.97

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Big Richard

I definitely prefer Lenox or MK Morse over Milwaukee and Diablo, but I am curious about these. At that price point, I’d wait until there is some sort of sale.

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