Ridgid R3002 reciprocating saw Corded Saw Reviews

Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw Preview

The new Ridgid R3002 reciprocating saw is a compact orbital model with a powerful 9 amp motor that should provide a good amount of power for this somewhat compact (for a reciprocating saw) tool. Ridgid claims its saw is roughly 2 pounds lighter than the competition, and after holding it in our hands we’d be inclined to think they are at least in the ballpark. The R3002 has an adjustment knob that dials in an orbital or linear mode for controlling the stroke type. The orbital mode is excellent for demolition and fast cutting, while the linear mode is best for cutting metal or pipes.


Ridgid R3002 Reciprocating Saw Features

The Ridgid R3002 reciprocating saw has a durable dark gray overmold that is non-slip and rugged. The tool body is the familiar Ridgid orange. Ridgid put its newer open blade piston assembly on this tool, allowing open access to it should the need arise. In addition, there is an adjustable shoe for setting or limiting the blade depth.

Ridgid R3002 reciprocating saw

The kit includes the R3002 reciprocating saw, two blades, operator’s manual, and a heavy-duty contractor bag.


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