April 15, 2021

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DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor DCR002

DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor

Here is something new from DeWalt—a Bluetooth radio adaptor. Now, all those job site radios that don’t have Bluetooth can be upgraded with this aftermarket solution to bring you the latest technology. The DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adapter (model DCR002) looks like a nice compact solution that should work with just about any radio with an 1/8-inch (3mm) auxiliary input (which is pretty much all of them). It looks to be a great product for contractors who want to use their smart phones to listen to music on the job site.

During our research, we found that many contractors are utilizing their phones, MP3 players, and other devices to listen to music more than ever before. We also learned that contractors are sometimes reluctant to leave their mobile devices attached to their radios for fear of damage, theft, or missing a call because their phone is out of reach. The DCR002 offers a durable, portable, and versatile solution that overcomes all of these concerns.

Todd Plajzer, Product Manager, DeWalt

DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor Features

The DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor turns any radio with an 1/8-inch or 3mm auxiliary input into a Bluetooth-compatible radio. I’ve found limited success with Bluetooth on job sites, but you typically can get upwards of 20-25 feet line of site. With your phone in your pocket you may find that you get a bit less distance, so it will be fun to see how the DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adapter pans out in real-world use (we’ll remain optimistic, but DeWalt’s claimed range of up to 100 ft. is suspect based on my experience). The DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor is not just good for the job site radio, it will also work well in vehicles or home stereos—anywhere you can find an available input.

The DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor includes a mounting clip, and two mounting strip options. One is an industrial Velcro version and one uses a strong industrial-strength adhesive. The mounting clip will give you a secure home on the radio, but you could also use the adhesive mount for a more permanent mounting option if you have one in mind (like in your shop or vehicle under the dash).

DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adaptor Charging and Run-time

Charging of the DCR002 is done via a micro USB charging port. An LED indicator light flashes red or blue to let you know whether it’s on and connected as well serving as an indicator for Bluetooth pairing mode and charging status. The heavy duty auxiliary cord on the DeWalt Bluetooth Radio Adapter DCR002 uses strain relief on both ends as well as a right angle auxiliary plug so it can keep a low profile on most radios and devices. The internal battery of the DeWalt DCR002 is rated for up to 8 hours of runtime.

The new DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor is sold with a mounting dock, 2 adhesive mounting strips, a micro USB to USB charging cable, and USB to AC adaptor.

Pricing and Availability

The DeWalt DCR002 will be available in July and retails for $39.99. The unit comes standard with a two-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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no, it will just get stolen

I have been begging DeWalt to just make the radios Bluetooth compatible.

>_< And why not hearing protection that has Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music?

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