Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight

Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight

Coast Products recently introduced the rechargeable Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight. This hybrid flashlight is powered by 4 AA batteries or the included lithium battery pack, producing up to 710 lumens and an 810-foot beam distance. The lithium battery pack also includes an out port which allows the recharging of other devices using a USB cord.

The Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight is encased in a stainless steel core and features a deep crosshatch polymer body, Coast’s patented Pure Beam Optics System, Twist Focus, IPX8 waterproof rating at 3 meters, impact resistance rating of 2 meters, anti-roll tail cap, tactical style rear switch, and a simple partial depression to cycle among three light outputs.  It’s scheduled for shipment in November 2017 and will be available in black, red, orange, green or blue.

“The perfect addition to any toolbox, at work or home, our new Polysteel 600R flashlight delivers impressive and superior lighting technology for the toughest and most challenging environments. The versatile recharging capability enables users always to have brilliant light, whenever and wherever needed, for any automotive repair or activity. Vehicle service professionals can count on our new Polysteel 600R to perform rigorously in the harshest project situations. This high-powered, rechargeable flashlight lights the way, whether working on vehicle repairs, providing service maintenance, working in a low light situation or even at night. At an affordable price, these new lights offer unbeatable function, performance, and durability.”

– Coast President David Brands

Our Take

Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlights are the way to go, but Coast’s recent focus on lithium/alkaline hybrid lights is a breath of fresh air for jobsite lighting. It eliminates the need to have a spare lithium battery on hand and allows you to keep a much cheaper set of alkalines as a backup plan.

Coast once again highlights the difference in power output between lithium-ion (530 lumens max) and alkaline batteries (710 lumens max). This makes me wonder if moving from 18650 cells to 20700 like Bosch has done with their power tool batteries would close the gap.

Overall, the Coast Polysteel 600R looks like it will be a hit for a truck or tool box light. A fiberglass reinforced polymer over the steel core (hence the name “Polysteel”) adds some toughness to the mix. Waterproofing for an hour at 3 meters and 3-meter drop testing further validates its claims of durability. With a length of 8 inches, it’s small enough to tote around but large enough to fit well in your hand.

Multiple color options are sure to be a hit for some users as well.

Coast Polysteel 600R Flashlight Features

  • Three light outputs
  • ANSI FL1 standards.
  • Crosshatch polymer body
  • Pure Beam Optics
  • Twist Focus
  • IPX8 at 3 meters
  • Impact resistance at 2 meters
  • Anti-roll cap
  • Model number: Coast Polysteel 600R
  • MSRP: $55.11

With Lithium Batteries

  • Lumens: 530 (High), 155 (Medium), 42 (Low)
  • Run time: 5 hours, 45 minutes (High), 9 hours, 30 minutes (Medium), 35 hours (Low)
  • Beam distance: 685 feet/209 meters (High), 354 feet/108 meters (Medium), 193 feet/59 meters (Low)

With Alkaline Batteries

  • Lumens: 710 (High), 245 (Medium), 73 (Low)
  • Run time: 2 hours, 15 minutes (High), 5 hours, 15 minutes (Medium), 40 hours (Low)
  • Beam distance: 810 feet/247 meters (High), 465 feet/142 meters (Medium), 255 feet/78 meters (Low)

Check out more on the Coast Polysteel 600R here.

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