Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review
PTR Review
  • Durability 8.0
  • Fit 9.0
  • Comfort 10.0
  • Style 9.0
  • Value 8.0

Whether your working or playing outside, the Grundens Deckhand Hoodie is a comfortable, free-moving shirt that will get you through the warmers months without leaving you sunburnt. 

Overall Score 8.8 (out of 10)

Grundens isn’t a name you typically find in construction circles unless you’re talking about your fishing plans for the weekend. But as we’ve seen with their Deck Boss boots and Storm Rider rain gear, there’s some significant crossover from commercial and sport fishing into construction. It doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit that I can use both at work and play. One of my most recent acquisitions is the Grundens Deckhand Hoodie, leaving me with my typical questions: How well does it do at work? How well does it do for fun?


Given the size chart, I went with a size large. Unlike most construction-oriented workwear, this is a good fit. The length is perfect for keeping everything covered (just say no to crack) and it fits comfortably across my shoulders. There’s room for guys with a thicker build (I’m 6’2″ with a 42″ chest – hey, I’m a cyclist, not a bodybuilder) but the shirt doesn’t swallow me, either. As far as sizing goes, this is true to size, so go ahead and order your normal shirt size.


Comfort is where the Grundens Deckhand Hoodie jumps ahead. The material is a blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, giving it the feel of a dry fit shirt. The material is thicker than a normal dry fit, so there’s a good blend of breathability/drying with a little insulation as the evening cools off.

Grundens calls this CoolCore material and it allows sweat to cool your body without the use of chemicals. The way it works is through evaporative cooling. The material pushes sweat out where it can evaporate into the air, pulling body heat with it and making you feel cooler.

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review

Movement is free and easy between the loose fit and the stretchy material.


In terms of style, this is very similar to the Truewerk T1 Hoodie and a pretty solid direct comparison. The long sleeves and hood offer protection from the sun while still giving you the comfort of a breathable material. Once the sun pushes away to the West, I often roll up the sleeves and keep plugging away without any issue.

The hood can be hit or miss depending on your needs. I rarely work or play outside without a wide brim hat and sunscreen. But some days I get caught out and it’s nice to have the hood as a backup option. Incidentally, if you don’t want the hood, there is a hoodless version of the same shirt.

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review

There are a few color choices to go with: Deep Water Blue, Ocean Wave (green), and Monument Grey. As a Florida Gator fan, I’m not ashamed to say I prefer the blue with its orange logo. However, I wouldn’t say no to one of each color. Just in case anyone that might be gift shopping for me is reading this…


At $60 for a hooded shirt, the Grundens Deckhand Hoodie may seem a little pricey. Compared to the $79 of the T1 and against what you’ll find from other well-known outdoor brands like Columbia and Huk, it’s right in line with where it should be.

Wear it for…

There’s no doubt this is a great shirt for fishing. As I’ve grown older, wiser, and more wary of skin cancer, I wear a long sleeve shirt every time I’m on the water these days. The Grundens Deckhand Hoodie is always my top choice.

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review
Wearing the Deckhand Hoodie will make you a better fisherman. Okay, it won’t, but you’ll look and feel good out on the water.

For job sites, use your discretion. There’s no ripstop material here and it’s as prone to catching a snag and tearing as nearly any other polyester blend is. If that’s not a concern for you, the comfort level and ability to move freely are great for working outdoors.

The Bottom Line

Whether your working or playing outside, the Grundens Deckhand Hoodie is a comfortable, free-moving shirt that will get you through the warmers months without leaving you sunburnt.

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Review

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Features

  • COOLCORE chemical-free cooling fabric that employs the body’s own moisture to cool the garment
  • 4-way stretch fabric allows for unlimited range of motion and the hoodie can be employed to keep sun off your neck and head
  • Shirt is designed to keep you on the water longer and improve your odds of that once-in-a-lifetime catch

Grundens Deckhand Hoodie Specifications

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