Wolverine Renegade Jacket Review

Wolverine Renegade Jacket Feature
PTR Review
  • Fit 8.5
  • Comfort 9.0
  • Movement 8.5
  • Build Quality 9.8
  • Ease of Cleaning 9.0
  • Value 9.0

The Wolverine Renegade Jacket brings together a 100% cotton duck outer shell with an interior fleece lining to make an excellent mid-weight jacket that's jobsite tough.

Overall Score 8.9 (out of 10)

Here in Florida, we’re a bit spoiled. We’re just now getting out our long sleeved shirts and it’s debatable when we’ll need our jackets. Last month, Clint and I actually had to go to the desert to cool off with STAFDA taking place in Phoenix. Even with lows barely reaching into the 50’s, I didn’t have to think twice about Wolverine’s Renegade Jacket. So while I sit here typing in this jacket, I may have a fan blowing on me and there’s the slight possibility that I cranked the air conditioner down to 65. Before I give you enough information to really judge me, let’s take a closer look at the Wolverine Renegade.

Wolverine Renegade Jacket Materials and Design

The Wolverine Renegade Jacket starts with 100% Duck Cotton Canvas and then bonds it Micro Fleece. There’s no insulation between the materials, eliminating a lot of the bulk found in heavier coats.

Contrary to what you may think, no ducks were harmed in the making of this fabric. The term actually comes from the Dutch word “doek”, which means “linen canvas”. It’s a popular material thanks to it tight weave that presents a durable material. In addition to work wear, you can also find it used on painting canvases, tents, and sandbags.

Fleece of course is warm, soft, and lightweight. It’s comfortable enough that it makes up the lining of Kenny’s triathlon shorts – but that’s probably more than you really wanted to know. Actually, it’s probably more than he wanted to you to know. The combination of these two materials makes for an excellent mid-level winter coat.

Like we’ve come to expect and love in Wolverine’s work wear, you’ll find double stitching all over the Renegade. The only exception is along the cuff and cuff adjustment straps. You find just three pockets on this jacket. You have traditional kangaroo pockets for your hands along with a zippered chest pocket on the left side. The zippered pocket features a vertical opening rather than horizontal. It’s size is perfect for holding a smartphone. Combined with a bluetooth headset, you’ll get excellent protection for your phone without the risk of taking it out on a sloppy day.

Wolverine Renegade Jacket Cuff Snap

The Wolverine Renegade Jacket uses snaps for make cuff adjustments. I really like the thought behind this design. Buttons are a no go when it comes to jobsite jackets. Velcro works okay, but gets debris in it to the point that it will fail to hold. Snaps are easy to clean and don’t lose their holding power. Two snap points are 1-3/8″ apart (on the medium) to give you a couple of options depending on your size.

Wolverine Renegade Fit and Movement

Wolverine Renegade Jacket Movement


The tail is extended some on the Renegade – a trend that I like. It gives you some overlap before your backside gets exposed when bending or twisting. There’s nothing quite like a cold blast of air getting under the lightweight base layer you put on. I have an athletic build, so I was surprised to find that there was a snug fit at the bottom while the chest and stomach areas had room to give. I don’t plan on filling either of those out through push ups or Christmas dinner, but know that it’s there.

Movement is going to be stiff at first. That’s the nature of cotton duck material. After wearing it a while and a few trips through the washer, it will loosen up to become more comfortable – just like a good pair of jeans. Articulated elbows help create easy movement right out of the package. I noticed some restriction when working above shoulder height. Watching the way the fabric moved, it seems like this will work itself out as the material gets worn in.

Since it does take a little time to soften up the cotton duck, the fleece lining is a great choice for the inner. The soft nature of the material ensures you won’t have a chaffing issue while the duck loosens up.

Parting Shots



The Wolverine Renegade Jacket offers a solid mid-weight option for cooler months when the wind isn’t howling like a banshee. I like the combination of cotton duck for durability/wind resistance and fleece for warmth without bulk. Once you get the cotton duck loosened up, this can easily be a go-to jacket that’s a step beyond sweatshirt weather but before you really need the heavy coat. Lacking a hood, the Renegade offers a more sleek style that is as comfortable out on the town as is it on the jobsite.

Wolverine Renegade Jacket DetailsWolverine Renegade Jacket Duck Cotton

  • Materials: 100% Cotton Duck/Fleece
  • Pockets: 2 Kangaroo, 1 Left Chest
  • Zipper: Coil Zipper with Metal Zipper Pull
  • Cuff Adjustment: Snap Cuffs
  • Available Colors: Lead (tested), Black, Whiskey, Bison
  • Available Sizes: Medium – XXL
  • Price: $90 ($34.19 – $69.99 on Amazon)

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