Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter Review

Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multi-meter

If you’re an electrician, your multimeter is like your Swiss Army knife. It handles most of what you need on the jobsite for verifying your work and troubleshooting issues. The Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO multimeter aims to speed up the process of taking measurements as well as offer the convenience of remote control, recording, and reporting. The meter is also quite a bit more aesthetically advanced over your typical multimeter, with a dynamic color LED screen and a durable shock-resistant housing with rubberized overmold.

The entire MaintenancePRO line currently consists of four tools, including the Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO multimeter, 23030T 1000A AC clamp meter, 23070T 1000A AC/DC clamp meter, and the 23090T Smart 1000A clamp meter.

Of these new tools, both the Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter and the 23090T Smart 1000A clamp meter utilize Bluetooth and the MApp to record and display data on a Smartphone or tablet. This new focus on Bluetooth connectivity has us intrigued, and we’re taking a more in-depth look to see how Pros may benefit.

Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter Features

Southwire MApp modes

Right out of the box you can view multiple readings simultaneously with the Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO multimeter. That includes Max, Min, and Average readings—right alongside a graphical real-time graph. It’s not just pretty, either. You can also move along the graph or even zoom in to get specific time-based data. While using the MApp smartphone app are going to yield better graphics, it’s important to note that you can do view, record, and playback everything right on the meter as well. In a time when app-enabled tools are becoming more popular, it’s great to see Southwire remember to keep the advanced features accessible right on the physical meter itself.

Using the recording feature is handy for checking readings over time. This can help you identify problems or max current on an AC or DC motor or even check for short-term voltage spikes or dips in a circuit when its loaded or unloaded. The Recording menu lets you start stop and save recordings. You can analyze recordings using the onscreen cursor and locate data points you want to highlight for a client.

Southwire MApp projects

When you record readings you can store them by project, naming each sequence so that you can add them to a report later or show them to a client or inspector.

Southwire MaintenancePRO Bluetooth Multi-meter

The Southwire MApp function lets you monitor the meter from a safe distance and a pop up menu allows you to modify various functions of the meter and view peak or relative readings, change the range (sensitivity), or even monitor maximum and minimum measurements.

In addition to recording data, you can take a screenshot at any time by pressing the shutter icon on the MApp application.

Southwire MApp name project

When you capture data from your mobile phone, you’re able to measure and record without having to touch the actual meter. After the measurement you can add photos, GPS information, and even notes to your projects. Plus, you can send that information via email, so you can document or alert people to any necessary situations that need to be dealt with.

Southwire MApp project details

Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter Functions

The Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter has 12 functions and can measure the following:

  • AC voltage
  • DC voltage
  • AC current
  • DC current
  • AC+DC current
  • 4-20Ma
  • Duty cycle
  • Frequency
  • Capacitance
  • Continuity
  • Resistance
  • Temperature

Using the Southwire 15190T Multimeter

We used the Southwire 15190T multimeter to check some GFCI outlets in a kitchen and monitor them for power spikes and proper voltage. We also used the 15190T to install and verify a 240V circuit for use with a stacked washer and dryer unit we installed in a rental home. Aside from the Bluetooth monitoring features, the Southwire Maintenance PRO multimeter simply has a great user interface with an easy-to-read screen. We love the white-on-black LED display, and the markings and functions are very intuitive. In a world of tight quarters and gloved hands, the simple controls on the Southwire 15190T multimeter are a refreshing solution that doesn’t overcomplicate things.

Professional electricians interested in recording and reporting data more easily will want to really take a close look at the Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter. At $375 this is a serious tool and a premium over their existing 12070T True RMS multimeter. Note, however, the 15190T has several advantages over the 12070T aside from Bluetooth connectivity:

  • Its color screen can be viewed in broad daylight (direct sun) or in the dark. With many other meters we’ve had difficulties reading them outdoors, and we’ve had to activate backlight functions indoors. The 15190T just works—anywhere.
  • The Southwire 15190T multimeter has onboard memory to collect and record data without having to pair the unit to your phone or tablet. You can always connect it later and download the data.
  • The 15190T meter can both read and record 4~20mA signals. The 4-20 mA loop is the prevailing standard in the industry for transmitting process information via analog signals. By reading this signal, the 15190T can measure sensors, transmitters, power sources, loops, and receivers for troubleshooting. This makes the 15190T not only an electric multimeter, but also a humidity meter, a fluid flow meter, a pressure meter…or anything else that uses these signals.

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The real “win” with the Southwire 15190T MaintenancePRO Multimeter is its juxtaposition of features and simplicity. While other manufacturers experimenting with Bluetooth and app-enabled features are overcomplicating things, Southwire is not. The 15190T multimeter remains a good multimeter whether you use the smart features or not. The software is intuitive, and you don’t have to relearn anything in order to benefit from the advanced features. Red record buttons record, and shutters take photos. It’s easy and well thought-out.

It’s also one of the nicest meters we’ve ever laid hands on. As a premium product we can only hope the price drops a little over time which will give it an even wider appeal. For more information, check out the Southwire website.

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