FLIR DM93 Digital Multimeter Preview

Do you remember that old shampoo commercial that told us “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” I got a chance to take a quick look at FLIR’s DM93 Multimeter (although I haven’t had a chance to test it yet) and it definitely makes a good first impression. This electrical testing multimeter has a look of an instrument that knows what it’s doing and does it well. Looks are great, of course, but what does it do?

FLIR DM93 Digital Multimeter Features

FLIR tells us that the DM93 “is a world-class digital multimeter with advanced VFD filtering to help you accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals found in VFD-controlled equipment.” Let’s take a closer look at exactly what capabilities are included.

In VFD mode, the meter will accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals in VFD motors and drive controllers. LoZ mode allows for the Low Impedance Input filter to eliminate ghost voltage readings in long-run applications. A continuous data recording feature lets the user collect data unattended over time to detect intermittent glitches. MeterLink capability connects the DM93 to any FLIR MeterLink enabled Thermal Imaging Cameras to integrate electrical measurements to the diagnosis.

FLIR has an Android application that allows for wireless uploading of data via Bluetooth and for remote, hard to reach, or hazardous diagnostics. Built in LED lights illuminate hard to see areas and a rugged, shock resistant design ensures reliability and durability.

FLIR DM93 Digital Multimeter Specifications


  • Model: FLIR DM93 Multimeter
  • DC/AC/VFD Voltage: 1,000 volts
  • DC/AC Current: 10.000 amps
  • Resistance: 40.00 MΩ
  • Continuity Threshold: 30 Ω
  • Frequency: 100.00 kHz
  • Capacitance: 40.00 mF
  • Temperature: -328 to 2192°F, -200 to 1200°C
  • Display Counts: 40,000
  • Safety Category: CAT IV-600V, CAT III-1000V
  • Data Recording: 20,000 points
  • Price: $303
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FLIR backs up the DM93 with its limited lifetime warranty.

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