Klein Insulated Tool Set Expansion

Klein Tools continues to grow its lineup of insulated hand tools for electricians with a sleeker design in the most popular styles. The new Klein insulated tool set expansion includes New England style side cutters, diagonal cutters, long-nose pliers, cable cutters, pump pliers, and wire strippers.

Just like the rest of Klein’s legendary hand tools, the process begins with its proprietary steel blend and goes through three stages of heat treatment to condition that steel. Once assembled and polished, the tools are ready for the injection molded handles. The grips of pliers and cutters in this Klein insulated tool set are made with dual layer insulation comprised of a white inner and orange/gray outer. The inner white layer acts as a compromise indicator if the handle is cut and as an additional layer of protection.

Klein’s insulated tools are rated to 1000 volts, but the reality of the protection is much greater. 100% of the insulated tools are tested to 10,000 volts, a process I was able to see when I visited the Klein heat treatment plant in Mansfield, TX this April. In addition to the in house testing, these tools also carry the official VDE GS logo which signifies that each tool has been certified by the independent testing organization VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Germany.

For more information, visit Klein Tools’ website or take a look at the video below.

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